restrict settlement and land uses is vital to resource planning

and development. For this reason, the County Board has placed i

.drinistration of the zoning ordinance in the hands of the agri-

cultural and forestry committee in order that land use planning

may be facilitated.

     Of all the Federal programs set up this farm to assist the

cut over areas, t.h- most benefit has been derived from the Isolated,

Federal Purchase Pi-iect.   To date, ninety such cases have been

purchased within the County, which have materially reduced t'ae

public expenditures in the municipalities concerned. In tvo

instances, two schools were closed, which saved $1,200.00 annually

to these two schocl districts. In many other instances, the

relatively high cost of transportation, relief, etc., were elim-


     Agriculture, forestry, zoning, and land use must be all

interwoven in any development program in Bayfield County.