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     The May Program Planning Meeting attended by Homemaker Club

Presidents, Miss Lee, the State Home Demonstration Leader, -no

the County Home Agent, resulted in the selection of the foll2c..

ing program for 1939-40i

     "Care and Repair of the Sewing Machine"

     "Use of Sewing Machine Attachments"

     "Achieving the Made-to-Order Effect"

     "Foods for Health"

     "Vegetables for Healths

                         COUNTY FORESTS

     In the fall of 1938, the County Board made application

for 940 additional acres under the Forest Crop Law, of which the

State Conservation Commission accepted approximately 500 acres.

The present acreage under the Forest Crop Law is as followBs

             Town                   No. of Acres

           Barnes                      25,961.85

           Bayfield                    25,146.24

           Bayview                      9,661.77

           Bell                        14,352.23

           Cable                        5,356.33

           Clover                       3,753.50

           Hughes                      15,635.00

           Iron River                  4,918.81

           Orienta                      3,720.00

           Port Wing                    4,765.00

           Russell                      5,754.00