Leaders' meeting-. verD planned so as to give leaders and

Junior leaders rery de-f' we help in conducting their club work.

Special help was given on Club Program Planning, Clothing project

work, demonstrations, judging, and keeping 4-H records. These

leaders' meetings were supplemented by news letters and home calls

so as to keep in touch with the problems of club work.

                   1939 Homemaker Club Work

     There were 30 Homemaker clubs in Bayfield County in 1938-39

with an enrollment of 467 members. The project work was carried

on by local leaders who were trained at Center meetings and had

the experience of presenting the lessons to their local club

meetings* The p'oject lessons included "Color and Color Schemes

for the Home", "How to Make a Beautiful Braided Rug", *Planning

the Day's Mealas, "Hospitality and Table Service", and "Children's


     Mr. L. G. Holmes, State Landscape Specialist, gave helps

through home calls and illustrated lectures&

     The Homemaker Achievement programs were held at two District

Centers, namely; Cable and Washburn. About 310 Homemakers

attended these meetings. Mrs. M. McCordic, Home Management

Specialist, gave a very interesting talk on "Tourist Rooms and

Cabins". Dr. Ralph Bridgeman, Child Development Specialist,

gave a talk on "The Family and the Future of Democracy". The

Achievement Day exhibits showed some nice braided rugs, and

children's clothing, also. There was an exhibit on table sctsing,

a fitting culmination to our year's work. One club had a very

interesting exhibit of a supplementary project which has been

carried out at some of their meetings. Various kinds of Sacks