Town                   No. of Acres

          Tripp                       5,360.00

          Total                     1c4,384.73

    Under the law, the townships will receive a total of

$12,438.47, 40% of which goes into the general fund, 40% into

the school district in which the area lies, and 20% to the gene-i,'..

County fund. in addition to this, Bayfield County will receive

$12,438.47 during the fiscal year directly from the State, which

is to be used in -the Jvelopment of County forests.

     The program cairied out on County Forest land is included

under the following five general types of work: building of

truck trails, ?cncting and establishing permanent section

corners, planti-rc, fire hazard elimination, and stand improve-


     During the past year, a WPA crew of twenty to forty men has

been engaged in brushing, building culverts and ditch drainage

in connection with the building of truck trails.   Up to November

1st, six new miles were added this year, making a total of 34

miles completed since this project was started. Some additional

mileage has been brushed and is ready for stumping and ditching.

In addition to this, two miles of previous truck trail con-

struction was graveled. The land clearing machines are used

during the winter months for stumping, making dirt fills, gradings

etc., which facilitates the work.

     A survey crew of fourteen men was set up as another WPA

project and began operations in July. Thus far, a total of 32'-

miles has been surveyed and is ready for the establishment of

permanent section corners. This work has been carried on in

Unit #3, where most of the section corners have been lost due to