Following the drought years and the period of low prices for

dairy products, the number of high producing sires in the county

decreased. However, with the return of normal feed and an upturn

in dairy prices, interest has again become active in securing

good quality Sires    This office has been of assistance in

securing several sires from high producing herds to be used in

the county, and six young sires were recently loaned for use on

several farms in the county.

     As a result of several cases of sleeping sickness of horses

in the county in 1938, a vaccination program was carried on this

year. Farmers were organized into groups to obtain a group price,

and three hundred-fifty head of horses were given two vaccinations

as a disease preventative. As far as known, there were no cases

of sleeping sickness in the county this year. This program should

be continued for another two years in order to obviate a re-

currence of the disease. The bot treatment was conducted in a

similar way. A total of one hundred seventy-five horses were

treated. Due to the fact that the bot program has been carried

on for the past three or four years, undoubtedly the number

treated each year will decrease.

     Farm flocks of poultry are on the increase in the county.

Since 1933, the net income from poultry has compared vary

favorably with that from dairying, which has encouraged many

farmers to increase the size of their poultry flocks. Special

emphasis has been placed on the rearing of chicks and poultry

sanitation, as well as the construction of poultry houses. Per-

sonal assistance has been given in feeding, culling and sanLta-