program. That the farmers agree with this viewpoint is evidenced

by the fact that the demand for the land clearing machines far

exceeds the opportunity to perform the service. At the present

time, it appears that this program will continue without inter-

ruption for the next two or three years. Eventually, this pro-

gram will mean more acres under cultivation, more home-grown feed,

more livestock, and an increase in the net farm income. in many

instances it will not be necessary for the farm family to supple-

ment their farm income with outside employment in order to make

a living.

                          SOIL TESTING

     With the help of 2 WPA project, a soil testing program has

been carried on for thi past nine months. Many farmers have been

reporting that their soils were in such condition that crop yields

were diminishing. For this reason, the soil testing project was

set up. To date, 432 samples from 14.F farms have been tested,

and a report made to each farmer. Generally speaking, most of the

farms tested thus far have been found lacking in sufficient lime

to grow a good crop of legumes, and also have at present only

one-third of the phosphate and one-half of the potash necessary

to produce a normal amount of other field crops. As a result of

this soil analysis, many farmers applied the recommended treat-

ment with satisfactory results. It is hoped tc continue the soil

testing service until the soils on every farm in the county have

been analyzed for fertility.