DARE Interview : St. Helena, California; Primary Informant CA097

  • 1968
  • Informant Data:
  • CA097: White; male; age: 83 (old); education: college; community type: village
  • Media Files:
  • Full Interview 1 (Tape 0114-S1).
  • [Transcription available]
  • Content:
  • 00:40 Describes why the blacksmith who originally built his house (1844) put it so close to road. Describes common types of wagons
  • 04:25 Riding in a surrey or a phaeton, prestige of good horses and buggy
  • 07:10 Traveling for pleasure around valley with father
  • 09:00 Dealing with dust and mud common to dirt roads
  • 11:00 Heating house with wood, Chinese servants and Italian workers
  • 14:30 Father interacting with French and German vintners, because he went to school in Germany
  • 18:50 Describes wealthy friend of family from his childhood
  • 22:00 Laborers in valley—Chinese and Italian; heating house with wood cut by Chinese woodchopper
  • 26:30 Preserving trees in area, donating buckeye grove to Nature Conservancy
  • 29:30 Tape end
  • Full Interview 2 (Tape 0114-S2).
  • Content:
  • 00:30 Explains how man who built his house got the land, and history of Bale Mill
  • 05:25 Informant's family comes to CA, goes into wine business, building up size of ranch by buying ranch of man who built the house and Dr. Bale's mill
  • 08:55 Closing of mill, vineyard killed by disease so father goes to general ranching and banking
  • 11:30 Blank space
  • 12:05 Early history of vineyards, establishment of several large ones
  • 15:15 Different types of grapes
  • 17:50 How to plant vines—now graft European grapes onto American roots
  • 20:50 Gathering of grapes and making of wine
  • 24:00 Tape end
  1. Full interview 1

  2. Full interview 2

  3. Transcript


Lee, Mary
  • 1968
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