In the name of God Amen: I Henry S. Eggleston of the City of Ripon, County
of Fond du Lac and State of Wisconsin og the age of forty one years and being
of sound mind and memory do make publish and declare this my last will and
testament in manner following _iz:
First: I give bequath and devise to my wife Elizabeth A. Eggleston one equal
undivided third part of all my real and personal property.
Second: I give beQruath and devise to each of my surviving children at this
time of my death an equal part or portion of the remaining two thirds of
all my property both real and personal.
 And it is my will that if either of my children living at the time of my
decease shall die before arriving at lawful age there and in that case what
may remain of his or her share in the whole of my estate shall be equally
divided among the surviving children.
 And it is my will that so much of the property or the income there of here
by dismissed to my children as may be necessary for their support and education
until they shall arive at lawful age, may be applied for that purpose. Such
sum or sums so expended upon each to be taken from his or her individual
portion, without prejudice to the others.
 And I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Edward P. Brockway, Hiram
H, Mea__ and my wife all of the City of Ripon Af__ aid