Thursday, April 10, 1862
Ord. Seavitt fired 1-         16 2/3
Buried H. Knowlton A.> in "Wesleyan Cemetary"- John A. Smithers
Secton, 113 Chestnut St.
Wrote E.A.E and A.Pickett
Smithers ____-113 Chestnut St.
St. Louis, Mo.

Friday 11
Ordered by B___ G___ Schofield to report at 4th St. hospital to act with
Capt. Stout of 3rd Wis. Cav. and 1st Sr. Wood of 2nd Wis. Cav. as Council
of Administration to dispose of effects of decreased soldiers. Met and adjourned
till Mon. the 14th at 10 a.m.
Went to Carondelet, saw Gern boat ____, saw Rev. Mr. Britton on cars

Saturday 12
Company B. moved from No 47 division 5 to No 92, Div 10
"Fox" died at noon
Ord. Seavitt fired 1-      16 2/3
Sr. Consaul fired 1-       1.00
Dr. M Mapey fired 1-       16 2/3
Wrote A.M.S
H.P. Steivens returned

Sunday, April 13, 1862
Orrick fired 1- 1-         33 1/3
Wrote wife and Brockway
Attended Presidents thanksgiving services at ampitheater. Our _____ and Rev.
Mr. Brisbaus Ch_____ of 2nd Wis. Cav. officiated

Monday 14
Saw Crescent City and ________ discharging wounded soldiers from Pittsbergh.
Commenced selling effects of disceased soldiers today at 2 p.m. at 4th St.
Hospital, ajourned till tomorrow Mon. at 10.
Saw _onkey

Finished selling effects of deceased soldiers at 4th Street Hospital