Monday, April 28, 1862
Started at 4:45 p.m. for the S__. Boat loaded and shoved out, 3/4 past 12,
1st. Batt. and Squadron "B" aboard
Went to McDowalls College at 11p.m. and released Thayer and Hale who had
been arrested.

Tuesday 29
Arrived at Cape Giraideau at 10a.m. (Girardeau)
Went into ____ 1/2 mile S.W. from town on fair ground.

Wednesday 30
Marched Squadrom "B" out on Jackson road about 3 miles. Country
very rolling, land good.

Thursday, May 1, 1862
3rd Batt. with Squadrom E arrived. Col. Daniels and wife came with the,.
Cas__ on steamer "Choctau," went into camp about 3/4 mile west
of us

Friday 2
Maj. Ponuroy with Squadrons F and I arrived, went into camp with #rd Batt.

Saturday 3
Moved our camp 3/4 mile further West on Bloomfield road. Camped in a beautiful
piece of timber. 1st Batt. still at fair ground.
Sert. Bulluck fired 1-   .16 2/3
Sr. Consaul fired 1-    1.00