Head Quarters 1st Reg't. Wis. Cavalry Camp Davidson, Mo., Dec. 23, 1868.
General Order No. 14, It becomes the painful duty of the commanding officer
to announce the deal of our fellow soldier Maj. Henry. S. Eggleston which
took place at Milwaukee, Wis. on the 11th of December of disease contracted
in the service as he was on his way to rejoin his regiment.  Our hearts were
knit to his by the Holy motive that animates every Volunteer and by the sufferings
and dangers we had shared.  In him the regiment mourns an able and gallant
officer and each men of the Regiment a true and faithful friend.  The country
has lost one of her purest and most earnest defenders; society as man whose
place cannot be filled; the Church a member whose piety and virtue commanded
and reverance of the most depraved; and his family a blessing more precious
than ought else save God's own love.  In toke of our sorrow the colors presented
to the Company he formerly commanded and the Regimental colors will be hung
with black crepe and the officers of the regimetn will wear the usual badge
of mourning fifteen days. By order of O. H. La Grange, Lt. Col. Commanding.
H. S. Town, Adjutant