Tuesday, April 22, 1862
Examined A.M. by Col. A.R. Easton ___ ___ of ___. Col. H. Al__sted 2nd Mo.
artillary, Sr. Col. John B. Gray at St. Louis Mo.

Wednesday 23
Rabant fired 1-            16 2/3
Randolph fired 1-1-        33 1/3
Horses all f___ished to our Regt. 
Last came in today

Thursday 24
4th Min. Regt. came into Barrackes
Zimmerman and B.Brown com. Blacksmithery

Friday, April 25, 1862
Banker fired 1-1-1

Saturday 26
Horses ______ according to colo__ and assigned permantly to the squadrons.
Our squad ___ Bay.
Rec. orders to move to commence Mo. as soon as ready

Sunday 27
Wrote E.A.E. A.M.- had regimental _______ mounted.
P.M. sized horses in my squad and assigned them to my men