S,1ET1' Or 11F.IOT. 
Freeport. At the liver it iotersects the great Central Iowa 
Road which is also in process of construction. This whole line 
of Road will he completed within a year. when it will doubtless 
become one of the great east and west thmoughfares of the 
""est. Seven miles cut of this City this Road is crossed by 
the Chicago, St. Paul & Fond du Lac Road, which secures a 
ready and quick Route to C hicago, and also north and west to 
.Janesville, Madison, Prairie dn 'hien and St. Paul. The Mil- 
waukee and Beloit Rail toad is also in process of construction. 
This is to intersect the tacine Road at East Troy, anti when 
completed will be an important route to Milwaukee. They 
have also a Road in prospect from this point to Rockford by a 
branch from Rockton, thence on the Racine &   lississippi 
Itoad, four miles from this place. 
'l'hev have one of the best developtd Water Power on Rock 
River." About one half of it is now in use, and the completion 
of the Mills now being erected and in immediate contemplation 
will use another quarter, leaving a quarter still in the market. 
lBv rasing the dam two feet. and securing the land above for 
flowage, an immense gain of power might be had over the prt - 
eo largest capacitv of the stream. Manufieturers from abroad 
will flind this a deirable location. 
They have three Flouring tills capable of making from 
one hindred to one hundred and fifty barrels of flour daiv. 
and from present appearances of the wheat crop, three more 
just such mills would pay their owners as well as do these. 
They have two Reaper f actories, which manutaeture a better 
article than can be found elsewhere inthe ountry. Theyhave 
been entirely unable to supply the demand for Machines this 
year, thougf their work for the season amounts to about two 
hundred and fifty thousand dollar  The popularity of the 
leloit Reaper and Mower is beyond all pretedent, though the 
manufacturers will doubtless make an effort to supply the de- 
.mand another year. 
We take pleasure in drawing attention to the above named 
institution, which is the pride of Milwaukee. We havebeen all 
through it, and found nothing to compare with it, exeept the St. 
Nicholai, New York City. Mr. Kean, late of Louisville Hotel, 
Louisville, is acknowledged to be the best landlord in the 
United States, and Mr. Rice has a great reputation among his 
Boston Mends as late proprietor of the Ameican House.