Visual display of the Trimble (Ferry, 1895-1930?)

Trimble (Ferry, 1895-1930?)

  • BOAT TYPE: Ferry
  • BUILT: 1895 at Madison, Indiana
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Dismantled at Shawneetown, Illinois circa 1930
  • OWNERS: C.L. Melcher; J.D. Taylor; Clarence Hisle; Captain John W. Hughes; D.T. Voiers; Harry Voiers; John Niehouse; Captain George W. Monroe (1921)
  • RIVERS: Ohio River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 5451; Operated between Madison, Indiana and Milton, Kentucky. In 1918 she was sunk in ice at Madison, Indiana. She was dismantled about 1930 and many of her parts went into building the gas boat Margaret J. The opening of the bridge in 1929 ended ferry service between Madison and Milton
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Near shore with a smaller boat with people on board closer in. A couple of early 20th-century automobiles are parked on shore
  • Trimble (A)


Steinhardt, Mrs. Norbert
Local identifier
  • Neg. 38238
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