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  4. The sectional feature in American politics / Desmond, Humphrey, J.
  5. Artificial keys to the genera and species of mosses recognized in Lesquereux and James's manual of the mosses of North America / Barnes, Charles R.
  6. Some additional evidences bearing on the interval between the glacial epochs / Chamberlin, T. C.
  7. On the appendages of the first abdominal segment of embryo insects / Wheeler, Wm. M.
  8. Some new theories of the Greek KA-perfect / Bennett, Chas. E.
  9. On some metamorphosed eruptives in the crystalline rocks of Maryland / Hobbs, Wm. H.
  10. Notes and a query concerning the Ericaceae / Chandler, Charles H.
  11. Artificial keys to the genera and species of mosses recognized in Lesquereux and James's manual of mosses of North America--additions and corrections / Barnes, Charles R.
  12. The science of the English language in the light of the Gothic / Balg, G. H.
  13. Aristotle's physics (physike Akroensis) reviewed / Elmendorf, John J.
  14. The defective classes / Wright, A. O.
  15. Notes on a little known region of northwestern Montana / Culver, G. E.
  16. On a new occurrence of olivine diabase in Minnehaha county, South Dakota / Culver, G. E.; Hobbes, Wm. H.
  17. On the deep water crustacea of Green Lake / Marsh, C. Dwight
  18. Notes on the depth and temperature of Green Lake / Marsh, C. Dwight
  19. Origin of the iron ores of the Lake Superior region / Van Hise, C. R.
  20. The present condition of the latitude problem / Comstock, G. C.
  21. On the correllation of moraines with raised beaches of Lake Erie / Leverett, Frank
  22. The cuneiform inscriptions on the monuments of the Achaemenides / Tolman, H. C.
  23. The effect of changes of temperature on the distribution of magnetism / Loomis, H. B.
  24. Early Lutheran immigration to Wisconsin / Everest, Kate A.
  25. The clan centers and clan habitat of the effigy builders / Peet, S. D.
  26. The limonene group of Terpenes / Kremers, Edward
  27. The pseudo-Gregorian drama Christus Patiens in its relation to the text of Euripides / Van Cleef, F. L.
  28. List of crustacea Cladocera from Madison, Wisconsin / Birge, Edward A.
  29. Not on cerussite from Illinois and Wisconsin / Hobbs, Wm. H.
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  31. List of officers and members of the Academy
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  35. Charter
  36. Constitution and by-laws
  37. Index to papers in volumes I to VIII, inclusive, of the Transactions of the Wisconsin Academey of Sciences, Arts and Letters
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