diaminoatrazine was added to the analysis.

The level of detection (LOD) for analysis of parent atrazine and its metabolites
and the level of quantitation (LOQ) used by the State Lab of Hygiene are listed below.
State Lab of Hv-iene   LOD (ppb)         LOQ (ppb)
Parent Atrazine        0.10              0.40
Deethylatrazine        0.30              0.90
Deis opropylatrazine   0.50              1.70
Diaminoatrazine         0.50             1.60
Soil, subsurface materials and depth to groundwater
Site conditions which include soil, subsurface materials and depth to goundwater
all affect the attenuation of potential contaminants. Some soil is better able to attenuate
contaminants than others. The soil at the Studnicka site is a Sparta loamy fine sand, 0 -
2% slope. The soil is mostly a well sorted, uniform sand. NPM soil test results indicate
organic matter content between 1.2 - 1.8%
Subsurface geological material and depth to groundwater affect contaminant
attenuation below the rooting zone. At the Studnicka site depth to groundwater at the
monitoring wells ranged from 4.3 feet to 10.4 feet, depending on the well being sampled