ARTS IN SOCIETY was founded at the
University of Wisconsin in 1958 as a
forum for the discussion, interpretation
and illustration of the role and function
of art in our times. It is designed for
the art leader, scholar, artist, educator,
student, and the layman with broad cultural
interests. Each issue focuses on a
particular area of art experience, which is
explored by authorities from a variety of
fields and disciplines.
Among our more well-known
contributors have been:

Jacques Barzun
Albert Bermel
Herbert Blau
Kenneth Burke
Michael Cacoyannis
Elmer Gertz
Paul Goodman
John Oliver Killens
Denise Levertov
Archibald MacLeish

Marshall McLuhan
James A. Porter
Kenneth Rexroth
Harold Rosenberg
Karl Shapiro
Roger Shattuck
Wallace Stegner
Roger Stevens
Harold Taylor
Colin Young

Volume 6, Number 3 -
The Arts of Activism
Issues in preparation are devoted to:
Contemporary Music in America
Criticism and the Performing Arts

Past Issues Available:

Wingspread Conference on the Arts
The Psychology and Geography of
Urban Cultural Centers
Happenings and Intermedia
The Arts and the Black
Revolution, I and 11      v5#


2, v5#3

The following out-of-print issues are
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University Microfilm
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v1 #4
v1#5 Arts in the Community
v2#1 Mass Culture
v2#3 Education and the Arts
v2#4 Government and the Arts
v3#1 The Amateur and the
Professional in the Arts
v3#2 The Avant-Garde Today
v3#3 Institutions of Art
v3#4 The University as Cultural
Leader in Society
v4#1 The Film Issue
v4#2 Censorship and the Arts
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