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Visual display of the The Shaughraun

The Shaughraun

  • ca. 1875
London: S. C. Allen and Company LTD
  • Title across top in caps. Below it a scene in a pub featuring three men, with the central figure propping a foot on a wooden bucket. At bottom, dialogue from the play: "Murther alive!!!" "Aye that's what it is. Murther-Alive, that'll see you pair hanged for it."
  • Boucicault's popular "Gaelic melodrama" was a huge success when it premiered at the Wallack Theatre in 1874. The fact that it appeared so soon after in London (probably at the Drury Lane Theatre, although it also played the Adelphi) is testament to the great popularity of the play. Boucicault often played the title character, and it is almost certainly his visage on the poster.

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ca. 1875
London: S. C. Allen and Company LTD
Description of Original
Color lithograph, 75 cm by 50 cm
Local identifier
WHS Image ID 89173
Location of Original
Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Researchs : 3.x.0006
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