Dorr, R. C.
Inside the Russian revolution. 947.08-D71
Leslie, Shane.
The Irish issue in its American aspect.
Northend, M. H.
Memories of old Salem.       974.4-N87
O'Shaughnessy, Edith.
Diplomatic lays.            972-082d
Radziwill, Princess Catherine.
Germanv under three emperors.
Simpson, B. L., (B. L. Putnam Weale).
The fight for the republic in China.
Stanard, M. N.
Colonial Virginia.           975.5-S78
Taylor, A. H. E.
The future of the southern Slavs.
Thorndike, Lynn.
The history of medieval Europe.
European War

Alexander, H. M.
On two fronts.
Barris, Maurice.
The undying spirit of France.
Buffin, Baron C.
Brave helgians.
Eddy, Sherwood.
With our soldiers in France.
Fortescue, Granville.
France hears the burden.
Grumbach, S.
Germany's annexationist aims
Halasi, Odbn.
Belgium under the German h

Johnson, D. W.
The peril of Prussianism.
Keene, Louis.
"Crumps"; the plain story
who went.
McClung, N. L.
The next of kin.
Maurice, A. B.
Bottled up in Belgium.
More letters from Billy, by
"A sunny subaltern".
Rihbany, A. M.
Militant America and Jest



Simonds, F. H.
listory of the world war, v.1.
Wood, E. F.
The note-book of an intellige
Brady, C. T.
A little book for Christmas.
Brainerd, E. H.
How could you, Jean?

94n 01 A375

Brooks, Alden.
The lighting men.               B25401
Byrne, Lawrence.
The American ambassador.       B25351
Caine, William.
Three's a crowd.                C15801
Dostoyefskii, Fiodor.
The gaim bler, and other stories.  D1768
Eekhoud, Georges.
The new Carthage.               E6101
Hardy, A. S.
No. 13 Rue de Bon Diable.       H1133
Ingram, E. M.
The twice Ameri4an.              1854
Leacock, Stephen.
Frenzied fiction.              L10557
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The adventuress.               R12402
Snedeker, C. D., (Caroline Dale Owen).
Seth Way.                       S23102
Taffrail, pseud.
Pincher Martin, 0. D.           T8001
Thibault, J. A., (Anatole France).
The human tragedy.              F1495

940.91-B267 Anderson, M. G.
Stories of the golden age.    x292-A54
940.91-B929 Austin, 0. P.
Uncle Sam's boy at war.       x355-A93
940.9 1-F21  Barbee, Lindsey.
Let's pretend.               x812-B233
940.91-F73f Bourne, H. E., and E. J. Benton.
[ntroductory American history.


940.91-G887Calhoun, D. D.
The book of brave adventures. x904-C15
Wl\hen great folks were little folks.
940.91-f115  Cressey, Edward.
All about engines.            x621-C92
Crump, Irving.
The boy's book of mounted police.
a Canadian                                  x5.-9

Insect adventures.            x595.7-F712
940.91-M127   Gayley, C. M., and M. C. Flaherty, comps.
Poetry of the people.       x821.8-G287
940.91-M454   Gill, Frances.
e author of     The little days.              x811-G475
)40.l-S958m Hamilton, J. G. deR. and M. T.
Trhe life of Robert E. Lee for boys and
Christ.           girls.                     x92-L4791
940.91-R56      g
940.9-R56 Hawkes, Clarence.
940.1-S91i Wood and water friends.     x591.S-H39w
940.91-9h    Kellerhouse, L. C.
nce officer.     Forest fancies.               x582-K29
940.91-W87n   McSpadden, J. W.
The hook of holidays.         x394--\17
Newbolt, Henry.
The hook of the happy warrior.
x904-NS\ 3h
B7987 Nida, W. L.
Story of the world war for young people.
Hg9456                                x940.91 -N664