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Study of present facts of the food problem in
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Survey made under the direction  of Carol
National conference on housing. Housing
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Among topics discussed are: Housing as a war
problem; Housing famines; Housing by employers
in the United States; Which city department
shall enforce housing laws, the health depart-
ment or the building department? Organizing
the housing work of a health department, what
Detroit has done; An intensive study of certain
blocks in Chicago with relation to tuberculosis
found in those blocks.
Income Tax
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Industrial Education
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Juvenile Delinquency
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The purpose of this investigation, specifically
stated, was to learn to what extent the children
adjudged juvenile delinquents in the Man'hattan
branch of the Children's court during 1916 had
been gainfully employed; which occupations they
had followed; what had been the home conditions,
so far as revealed by the records of the workers
and non-workers; the age, schooling, nativity,
color and other pertinent factors."
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At the conference held in Philadelphia, April
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under the following subjects: Labor turnover in
industry; Figuring and analyzing of labor turn-
over: Selection of employees and termination of
employment; Following up after hiring.
Legal Aid
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Mental Defectives
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Memorandum submitted to the Hospital devel-
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Moving Pictures
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Municipal Ownership
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1918.                                 455B17
As a result of recent legislation the city of To-
ronto has been given the power to enter into cer-
tain municipal trading enterprises subject to the
approval of the public utilities commission. The
article discusses the principles of this phase of
municipal ownership.
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Contents: Extent and growth of municipal
ownership of electric light and power plants;
Electric light and power rates; Successful mu-
nicipal plants; Labor conditions; Advantages of
municipal ownership.