Visual display of the Colorado (Packet/Excursion boat, 1864-1884)

Colorado (Packet/Excursion boat, 1864-1884)

  • BOAT TYPE: Packet/Excursion boat
  • BUILT: Madison, Indiana, 1864
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Burned at the foot of Dorcas Street, St. Louis, January 2, 1884
  • OWNERS: Hannibal & St. Joseph Railway Packet Company (1864); Memphis & St. Louis Packet Company (1871); Captain Peter P. Manion, St. Louis (1871)
  • OFFICERS & CREW: John Waddell (master, 1864); Captain Vickers (master, 1873); C. Boren (pilot, 1879); Captain C. W. Anderson (master)
  • RIVERS: Mississippi River; Missouri River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 1238; Built for the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railway; her cost when built was $60,000; first home port was St. Louis, Missouri. In July 1869 she was engaged in carrying government and private freight on the Missouri River between Sioux City and Yellowstone River. She was sold to the Memphis & St. Louis Packet Company (Anchor Line) in 1871. She sank at the foot of Island 10, Mississippi River, in October 1879 and was raised. In 1881 the Anchor Line sold her to Captain Peter Manion, St. Louis, who ran excursions with her there. She burned at the foot of Dorcas Street, St. Louis, January 2, 1884, along with the City of Alton
  • Colorado (A)