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Old and new plant lore : a symposium

  • 1931
New York: Smithsonian Institution Series, Inc.
  • Includes bibliographical references.

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Chase, Agnes
New York: Smithsonian Institution Series, Inc.
Description of Original
8 p. l., 390 p. : col. Front., illus., 97 pl. (incl. ports.; part col.) on 60 l. ; 25 cm.
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Available Contents

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. Contents
  4. Illustrations
  5. Part I: The world of plants
  6. Chapter I: Fundamental life processes in plants
  7. Chapter II: How plants seek the light
  8. Chapter III: How plants reproduce
  9. Chapter IV: Plant movements and carnivorous plants
  10. Chapter V: Plant societies
  11. Chapter VI: How plants are related
  12. Chapter VII: How plants are used by man
  13. Selected bibliography
  14. Appendix: Grouping of some better-known plants by families
  15. Part II: Systematic botany: its development and contacts
  16. Chapter I: The origin and development of systematic botany
  17. Chapter II: The contacts and status of systematic botany
  18. Selected bibliography
  19. Part III: Plants of the sea
  20. Chapter I: General characteristics
  21. Chapter II: Kinds of algae
  22. Chapter III: Uses of the algae
  23. Selected bibliography
  24. Part IV: Grass
  25. Chapter I: Grasses the basis of civilization
  26. Chapter II: Grasses the basis of wealth
  27. Chapter III: The place of grasses in the plant world
  28. Selected bibliography
  29. Part V: Deserts and their plants
  30. Chapter I: Characteristic features of deserts
  31. Chapter II: Origin and development of desert plants
  32. Chapter III: Adaptation of plants and animals to desert conditions
  33. Selected bibliography
  34. Part VI: The dependence of plants on radiant energy
  35. Chapter I: Light and plant nutrition
  36. Chapter II: Light and growth
  37. Chapter III: Phototropism
  38. Selected bibliography
  39. Part VII: Maize, the plant-breeding achievement of the American Indian
  40. [Chapter I: The domestication of plants as a measure of civilization]
  41. Chapter II: The origin of maize
  42. Selected bibliography
  43. Part VIII: Botanical exploration in South America
  44. [Chapter I: A new field for American botanists]
  45. Chapter II: Work in the field
  46. Selected bibliography
  47. Index
  48. [Cover]