Visual display of the Princess Pat face powder

Princess Pat face powder

  • Princess Pat face powder in a cardboard box with a slide out drawer and celluloid ring pull. The high gloss paper covering is in the brands’ colors of black, gold and red--colors that suggest royalty. It is believed that the name "Princess Pat" was used to capitalize on the fame of Princess Patricia of Connaught, one of Queen Victoria’s grandchildren. The box is covered in red with black and gold accents. In the center is a gold colored motif resembling a four leaf clover. In the center it says, "Princess Pat," and has a tiny gold embossed crown, part of the branding of the company’s products. The bottom reads, "The only almond base face powder, guaranteed to contain no starch or any harmful ingredient. Almond Base is a Princess Pat secret formula, fully protected." It was suggested that when the box was empty, it could be used for jewelry.
  • From the private collection of Dovie Horvitz (2010.51.20).