Care of Hmlt     Woo   T

The printing surface of Hamilton Wood
Type has a very highly polished finish
that provides a perfect printing medium.
To maintain this printing quality, only a
few simple precautions are necessary.
1. Do not, under any circumstances,
clean the surface of Hamilton Wood Type
with any of the patent cleaning com-
pounds such as are frequently used on
metal type. To do so will ruin the surface
2. To clean wood type, merely wipe it
off with a cloth that has been dampened
with benzene. Use only a little benzene
on your cloth, as wood type should not be
saturated with anything, not even with

3. Given proper care, as outlined
above, your Hamilton Wood Type will
last and print perfectly for many years.
Some fonts of Hamilton Wood Type more
than fifty years old are still in use and
giving good service because they have
been properly cared for.
4. Any good ink will give good results
with wood type on bond, book or news-
print stocks. Large sizes on enamel
stocks, however, must be printed with
inks of best quality on presses having
fully adequate ink distribution systems.
When this is done, fine results can be ex-