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Visual display of the NG233, Adoration of the Buddha

  1. Black and white photo

NG233, Adoration of the Buddha

  • ca. 0100-ca. 0299
  • Fragment of a relief bordered at the top and bottom by a plain fillet. The figured portion is bordered on the left by a tree with braches spreading upward and downward with lanceolate leaves. On the right edge of the panel is a seated figure, largely damaged. This figure seems to have held his right hand in abhaya mudrā and was likely a representation of the Buddha. Eight standing figures are to his right – the first four are approaching in various modes of devotion, some making offerings, others with their hands in añjali mudrā. The fifth figure stands facing forward, right arm akimbo. The next two assume poses of devotion. The eighth figure stands looking forward with his right hand in abhaya mudrā. The stone is flat on the underside.
  • Location found: Level 3, Stūpa 18 W