Visual display of the Moline (Rafter/Excursion, 1880-1908)

Moline (Rafter/Excursion, 1880-1908)

  • ca. 1906
  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Rafter/Excursion
  • BUILT: 1880 at Cincinnati, Ohio by C.T. Dumont
  • BECAME: Emerson on February 7, 1908
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Renamed Emerson
  • OWNERS: 1880: Dimock, Gould and Company and I.H. Wasson; 1900: Kansas City Navigation Company; 1904: Thomas and Harry Parker; 1907: Captain Ralph Emerson Gaches and Edwin A. Price
  • OFFICERS & CREW: 1880: Captain Joseph W. Williams and Captain Amos Gardner (pilots), Samuel Nimrick (chief engineer), Thomas Cody (mate), Frank McClelland (2nd engineer); Captain Isaiah H. Wasson (master); 1900: Captain William R. Slocumb
  • RIVERS: Mississippi River; Missouri River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 3992 & T1849; Built in Cincinnati, she left on June 7, 1880. On June 10, 1880 she was enrolled at the Port of Dubuque. She was originally a rafter until purchased by the Kansas City Navigation Company in 1900. They used her as an excursion boat on the Missouri. She was rebuilt at Pikeville, Missouri in 1904 and sold on October 10, 1904 at Kansas City, Missouri auction to Thomas and Harry Parker. On December 10, 1907 she was sold to Captain Ralph Emerson and Edwin A. Price. They renamed her Emerson on February 7, 1908
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Postcard of the Moline on the Mississippi River ca. 1906
  • Moline (A)


  • ca. 1906
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