• 1922
New York, New York: Ronald Press
  • "Books for reference": p. 181.

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New York, New York: Ronald Press
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xix, 188 p. : front., illus., plates
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  1. [Cover]
  2. [Frontispiece] Chinese straw plaits
  3. [Title Page]
  4. [Dedication]
  5. Editor's preface
  6. Author's preface
  7. Contents
  8. List of illustrations
  9. Chapter I: The millinery department
  10. Chapter II: Hat straw and straw braids
  11. Chapter III: Hat straw and straw braids (continued)
  12. Chapter IV: Straw hat-making
  13. Chapter V: Machine-made straw hats
  14. Chapter VI: Felt hats
  15. Chapter VII: Velvet and other fabric hats
  16. Chapter VIII: Hat trimmings--feathers
  17. Chapter IX: Hat trimmings--flowers
  18. Chapter X: Hat trimmings--ribbons, bands, and ornaments
  19. Chapter XI: Choosing a becoming hat
  20. Chapter XII: Principles of color
  21. Chapter XIII: Color in millinery
  22. Chapter XIV: Form or shape in millinery
  23. Chapter XV: Making and trimming hats
  24. Chapter XVI: Suggestions to salespeople
  25. Chapter XVII: Hat-making at home
  26. Chapter XVIII: Classification of stock of a typical millinery department
  27. Appendix. Books for reference
  28. Index
  29. [Cover]