Visual display of the Hunter and Ape

Hunter and Ape

  • 1477
  • An ape, fleeing from a hunter and his dogs, comes to a body of water, in which he sees a reflection of himself, and becomes so fascinated with his mirror-image that he simply sits down and stares at it, so that the hunter overtakes him unawares.
  • Original image from: Augsburg, Joh. Baemler, 1477; cf. Schramm, op.cit., III, pl. 75, no. 529.


  • 1477
  • English
Description of Originals
  • Black and white illustration
  • 12 cm by 10 cm
Part of
Nash Collection of Primates in Art and Illustration
Janson, H. W. Apes and Ape Lore in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. London: The Warburg Institute University of London, 1952
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