Visual display of the Benton (Packet, 1875-1897)

Benton (Packet, 1875-1897)

  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Packet
  • BUILT: 1875, Pittsburgh, Pennsy|vania; engines by James Rees
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Sank at Sioux City, Iowa July 18, 1897
  • OWNERS: Original, T.C. Power and Brothers and I.G. Baker and Company; 1889, James P. Boland and T.B. Sims
  • OFFICERS & CREW: Maiden trip, Captain James McGarry (master), Joseph S. Hill (clerk); 1889, Captain Asa P. Boland (master), George Keith (pilot); 1896, Captain Jim Boland
  • RIVERS: Missouri River; Yellowstone River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 0583; Arrived Fort Benton May, 27, 1875 and commenced on a long career in which she made 44 trips to Fort Benton, plus 15 other trips to Montana points. In late summer 1876 on the Yellowstone River, she was impressed into service of soldiers trailing Sitting Bull and his Sioux. She set a couple of record trips from Bismarck to Fort Benton. She served in the windup of the Nez Perce campaign of 1877 around Cow Island. The BENTON made more trips and almost certainly carried more freight than any other boat serving Fort Benton, including the largest cargo ever shipped from the Fort. July 24, 1887 was her last time out of Fort Benton. Under new owners in 1889, she was snagged five miles above Washington, Missouri and was raised. Opposite Arrow Rock, Missouri on July 31, 1895 a tiller line parted and she swerved onto a snag and sank a cargo of 600 sacks of wheat. Raised again, she was wrecked on July 18, 1897 when she came to the drawbridge at Sioux City, Iowa, backed into a submerged piling, tearing off her upper works
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel packets Benton and Annie Lee (inside boat)
  • Benton (B)


Other title
  • Annie Lee (Packet)
Local identifier
  • Neg. 4626
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