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NG104, Figured Relief

  • ca. 0100-ca. 0299
  • Fragment of a frieze with two panels remaining divided by a Gandhāran-Corinthian pilaster with a shaft decorated with a large lotus blossom on a stalk in front of a flute. A saw-tooth band surmounted by a projecting plain fillet borders the top, while the bottom is delineated by a plain fillet. The panel on the right shows a figure approaching an ascetic seated on a bedroll inside a straw hut. While the figure is much damaged, the Vajrapān̥i figure immediately behind him allows us to identify the approaching figure as the Buddha. Another now headless figure stands at the edge of the panel while a figure depicted with upper torso only hovers in the background between the ascetic and the Buddha. A single branch behind the hut confirms the forest setting. The other panel shows the haloed Buddha with hand raised in abhaya mudrā looking down at a young seemingly naked boy standing under a tree with a spear holding guard behind him. The Buddha is followed by a bearded Vajrapān̥i. There is a socket at the top of the stone while the bottom is smooth. As many of the narratives made of soapstone at Nimogram, the carving is very fine and detailed, with the figures almost carved in the round.
  • Location found: Level 2, Stūpa 5 E