Visual display of the Morning Star (Packet/Excursion boat, 1901-1922)

Morning Star (Packet/Excursion boat, 1901-1922)

  • ca. 1920
  • BOAT TYPE: Packet/Excursion boat
  • BUILT: 1901 at Jeffersonville, Indiana by Howard Ship Yard
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Burned at Cincinnati on November 4, 1922
  • OWNERS: Louisville and Evansville Packet Company (1901-1910); Captain Walter Blair (1910); Coney Island Company (1918)
  • OFFICERS & CREW: Captain F. Marion Ryan; W. Scott Paris (pilot); James Kay (pilot); William C. Lepper, Jr. (purser); Ben Bridges (clerk); Jame Gresham (clerk); "Lum" Stapleton (mate); Tom Grimes (mate); James Nunemacher (engineer); Robert "Bob" Lloyd (engineer); George Voll (steward); Robert Trebu (carpenter); Captain Wes Conner (relief pilot); Captain Walter Blair (master, 1910, 1916); J.H. Young (pilot, 1910); J.E. McCullough (pilot, 1910); Steve E. Greenwell (pilot, 1910); J.M. Richtman (pilot, 1910, 1913); J. Warren Kouns (pilot, 1910); S.B. Burtnell (engineer, 1910); J.V. Pollock (engineer, 1910); J.W. Young (striker, 1910); Ewald Von Hein (striker, 1910); W.H. Forrest (purser, 1910); Arthur Langford (mate, 1910); Paul Langford (sailorman, 1910); F.R. Condit (steward, 1910); Fred Vetter (chef, 1910); Arthur Lawley (watchman, 1910); Anthony Welzenbach (watchman, 1910); Charles Vogel (watchman, 1910); S.A. Bryant (chief mate, 1911); J.J. Richtman (pilot, 1913); F.S. Ratterman (purser,1914); Donald T. Wright (clerk, 1914); Fred Bynum (steward, 1914); John Hottell (pilot, 1915); J. Harvey Brown (pilot, 1915); Wm. J. Keith (purser, 1915/16); Cyprion Buisson (pilot, 1916); Walter Hunter (pilot, 1916/17); ? Brown (engineer, 1917)
  • RIVERS: Mississippi River; Tennessee River; Ohio River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 4043; Originally ran in the Louisville-Evansville trade. She was taken to Cincinnati in 1910 and had 25 feet added to her length forward of the boilers. She then ran in the St. Paul-Davenport-Stillwater trade under the command of Captain Walter Blair. In the summer of 1911 she ran a special cruise from Davenport to New Orleans and out to the Jetties and return. A similar excursion planned for April 1912 was canceled due to high water; instead she ran an excursion from Davenport-Cincinnati and back. In May 1914 she made a special trip from Davenport to the Tennessee River. By June 1914 she was back running in her usual trade. In the fall of 1915 she made a tourist trip from St. Louis to New Orleans. In May 1916 she made a Davenport to Florence, Alabama trip. She was sold in spring 1918 to the Coney Island Company of Cincinnati to replace the Princess. She was made into a full-scale excursion boat continuing in the Cincinnati-Coney Island trade until she burned at Cincinnati in 1922. The fire was caused by a watchman boiling tar on the galley stove for roof repairs. The Morning Star's roof bell went to the General Wood while she was in the Coney Island trade and the Morning Star got the bell from the City of Cincinnati
  • Morning Star (B)