Temple of Flora, or, Garden of the botanist, poet, painter, and philosopher

  • 1812
London: Robert Thornton
  • The Temple of Flora was originally published in a larger format than found in this, the so-called "quarto" edition, as the third part of Thornton’s A new illustration of the sexual system of Carolus von Linnaeus. This edition, for which the plates were re-engraved with some changes, includes all the color illustrations of the original edition except the group of four auriculas and the white lily.

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Other title
Garden of the botanist, poet, painter, and philosopher
London: Robert Thornton
Description of Original
155 unnumbered pages : 31 illustrations (29 color) ; 40 cm.
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Available Contents

  1. [Cover]
  2. Flora dispensing her favours on the earth
  3. [Title Page]
  4. Lines Addressed to Doctor Thornton, on his Temple of Flora
  5. Verses addressed to Doctor Thornton, on the completion of his Temple of Flora
  6. Flora jealous : to Doctor Thornton, on receiving a present of some beautifully painted plants from his Temple of Flora, to decorate "The poet's cottage"
  7. Verses in praise of the artists engaged in the Temple of Flora, and of the author of the work
  8. Proem : The card of invitation
  9. Cupid, Flora, Ceres, and Esculapius, honouring the bust of Linnaeus
  10. Cupid inspiring plants with love
  11. The snow drop and the crocus
  12. Group of roses
  13. A Group of hyacinths
  14. A Group of tulips
  15. Tulip root
  16. A group of auriculas
  17. The superb lilly; or, Lilium superbum
  18. A group of carnations
  19. Mimosa grandiflora; or, Large-flowering sensitive plant
  20. Night-blowing cereus; or, Cactus grandiflorus
  21. Strelitzia reginae; or, Queen plant
  22. Limodoron tankervillae; or, Chinese limodoron
  23. Arum dracunculus; or, Dragon arum
  24. A group of stapelias
  25. American aloe; or, Agave americana
  26. Kalmia angustifolia; or, Narrow-leaved kalmia
  27. Rhododendron ponticum; or, Pontic rhododendron
  28. Sarracenia flava; or, Yellow pitcher-plant
  29. Renealmia nutans; or, Nodding renealmia
  30. American cowslip; or, Meadia
  31. Indian reed; or, Canna indica
  32. Passiflora cerulea; Common blue passion-flower
  33. The Winged passion-flower; or, Pasiflora alata
  34. Passiflora quadrangularis; or, Quadrangular passion-flower
  35. Oblique-leaved begonia; or, Begonia obliqua
  36. Nymphaea nelumbo; or, Sacred Egyptian bean
  37. Nymphaea coerulea; or, Blue Egyptian water-lilly
  38. The Persian cyclamen
  39. Protea cynaroides; or, Artichoke silver-tree
  40. [Cover]