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Visual display of the NG013, Adoration of the Buddha

  1. Black and white photo
  2. Black and white photo

NG013, Adoration of the Buddha

  • ca. 0100-ca. 0299
  • Fragment of a curvilinear frieze with portions of two panels remaining. It is bordered by a plain fillet above and a tiered base with three thin fillets, a rounded torus and a plain fillet at the bottom. The panels are divided by an empanelled Gandhāran – Corinthian pilaster with a narrow flute on its shaft. In each panel, a Buddha is seated on a low platform. His sits with legs crossed in a typical padmāsana and his hands held in the dhyāna mudrā. The figure on the right is smiling, with hair indicated by single waves and the us̥n̥īs̥a placed forward. Earlobes are elongated. He is haloed with the branches of a tree framing the halo on both sides. To his right, a figure wearing a turban with the knot placed towards the back kneels with his hands in añjali mudrā. The Buddha figure in the panel on the right is more damaged but shares the same posture, with a devotee with a cap of hair and knot at the top. He appears to wear earrings and also holds his hands in añjali mudrā. The underside of the stone is flat, there is a socket and groove at the top.
  • Location found: Surface