Latest lo-h  1  all i-aril  Rini1kSkates. t--id lin majoritv of all Rink-;  Nicik-l-Plated
S teel, lIall-1Bearing  ( 'lub  SkateS. willi  Fibre, Steel (0o1mina-
tion, Aluinuim  or lBoxwood  I olI er.
Used and endorsed b% spet d skaters everywNhere, and
are also desirable for individual use
where the tinest and most complete
skate in the market is desired.
Foot-plate knd frHEkaeta                     reR.
...  ...     ...    ..    ...     ...     ...     ..    ....

Huntington, Ind.- 1-. il. Darling and
Bioth- luave leased 11e Claytoti rink.
Barry, III.-The new Coliseum rink has
op ned.
Wausa. Neb.-Carl Carlson has bought
a  llilf  interest  in  the  local rink.
Scranton, Pa.-Iltlager Phlillips, of thic
Atimory i ilk, bad J skatitg taii-al tiis
w\eek and galve? away handsome prizes,
Louisville, Ky-Gracoful skatinag con-
tests havie iiored a big draxwinig card at
1the Coliseotix,
Austin, Minn.-Bertha Doud Mack is
it i  traction Liat Matirek's rink this week,
1andI lig att-iidantce his rsulted.-DAIG-
New Martinsville, W. Va.-Fred Hall,
of  Finie  Grove, 11as reiated thle opera
Ils find xiii convert it ieto a skating
Athens, Ga.-The     skating  rink  has
opinild at tile old stand under the new
mianaigement  of  Messrs. Haywood and
\on der Leith.
Salem, Ohio.-A race between Carl
Book, of Alliance, and Charley Powell, of
this city, attiacted great attention at the
local tink. A race for girls will be aa
added ittraction this week.
St. Joseph, Mo.-Manager J. C. Meyers,
of tie Auditorium, plans to hold an ice
Marathon.* Tihe distance to be 26 miles
aid 215 yards-the regular Marathon dis-
Portland, Me-The Express says: "The
Rull-Away skating rink still contiinues to
be the most popular amusement enter-
ipise that has been offered Portlanid peo-
ple for many years,"
Fairbury, Neb.-Katie Mtay Bradley and
1i. A. LuDutue closed a successful three
nights elgagenilIt at  the roller link
here. Standing room was at a premium
overy niglir.-DEMING.
Webster City, lowa.-J. S. Johnson, of
Sioux City, has opened the old Meekins
and Sackett roller rink it this city. He
Ias  efturl11iShld it throughout and has put
in new equilient.-TUCKER.
North   Adams,    Mass.----The  Nichols
Brothr-s desire to  notify their friends
tha tlhir periianent address is this city,
general delivei. W. F. Orr is their man-
Robinson, Ili.----Tie rink lere, under the
illanagemint of Viseian, is enjoying tile
iry l- ifist  1 t ipa uilnge every afternoon
:ald ix'-ciiig sesinsi lie held. Fielding
and Ciilos wexe a big 11it at the Lyric
tlhaticr this Week.
Quincy, Ill. The Bijou roller rink has
iec'ln1 attlitiig gioi  thrioings  and the
hug' pavilion at  ligh and Park, Which
has one of the finest floor in this part of
the country, has been booking attractions
for sone timie.-SCHOENE1AN.
St. Joseph, Mo---Doni Stuart has con-
traced with llirle- Davis for an appear-
ance at Rollowniy, Monday. Tuesday and
Vednesday of this week. Local talent
will onpte avtll Dais during his en-
Hutchinson, Kans.-The Daily Gazette
s:-fl is ihiitihtftlI if thieire exver was
:It 1thlete ah Is a letter ll eroutd tai
than Jack Fotch.'  The article continues
for a half column1 full of Fotch praise.
Fotch played here ill this Week atnd was
l big hit.
Charlotte. N. C.-Combination skating
and 11,inlg is ploving a fe-ture at the
Auditoiimi rink. 'Ihe, first session from
,::!0  to  !. i-  dea,t d  o  skotil , while  the

'r 'r 'X y L X, X X 'X,-X X X X X X X M'M M  m IL X


Machine to Surface FloorsI
Easy tooperate-nodust. Over 500 Amusement Com-
oaniesarenowusingourmachines. Made in two sizes.
ewill surface your floor. Mail us size of floor, new or
ld,andkindofelectricpower. Ineighthours,willsurface
4,000 to 5,000 square feetonce over. Writ fornew
32 S. Canal Street, CHICAGO


last  s  ss, i ii f uiIi I  I  ::,  is  devt i
Elgin, ill.---Tie  Coliseui  rink  is  pack-
ing them in every night. Extensive itl-
proveiements have been tmade in the rink
ix-v tile remorval of the pillais that sttp-
irted the roof and trssitlg. Tle ritk
nmwli ; s 1A (00 l . ft. of floor space.-BART-
Grafton,W. Va-Tse Daily Republicail
sa1ys: ''Tile Q'Katos aipeared for tile
first tie last night and ecrtainly tool
tile ihouse by storil,.,.There wvas nor
a moment during the entire exhibition
when the big building was not shaken by
well merited applause."
Birmingham, Ala.-The teamt of Cole-
1atl aid LaMont has cancelled all of
tiieir witnter time, Mr. Colematn is nowx
connected avitti the Jefferson tlater in
lBiimitlgllam, and Miss L..;Molxt is at her
home in New York. The\' will be seen
together this summer cwith a large act.
Vincennes, Ind.-The Coliseum slating
'ink, operated by C. C. Gosinell, has br-etn
closed, Mr. Gosnell leasing   Lakewood
rink, at Lakewood Park, one of the best
tinks in this sectiol of tile country, M,
oell enjoyed a good business at the
Coliseum, which Will   probably be im-
Iwnsed iti his new quarters.
Vincennes, Ind.-The two mile race held
at the Auditotium, the first of a series
in  which  Vashington  aind  Vincennes
skaters will compete for the championship
,f tile two cities, resulted in Ia victory for
Noble   Swing, Washingtons    speediest
skater. Races will be lwil each Satur-
da until the trio of events is completed.
Indiana,  Pa.-A   local  paper  says:
.Johnston and Hatusman, two boas fronn
St. Lary's, are presenting the finest skat-
ing and acrobatic work ever seen here at
theiP ftilice rink. . .Tlie Boy Woniders
111tate a drin corps ill iction w en on
skates iand to a number of runnitig anil
liigh juiping ncts that delighted a large
Western Skating Association Notes.
Bush is the fastest 22n-yard skater in
the world, and won the 220-yard race ait
the( International races at Montreal, Canl-
ada, last year against Ed. Lamtey ind all
the fast ones.
a * *
Anderson  i meet 1ile, faslest group of
sk-eIs  tile  ax-est-il  i'l'liliii i p s  illie
lrmuglht together lin several N(,ars. Horne,
Fi1er, Kand ind iany other stars Will
Ile onl hand. Rankhin, Fisher aind Kiand
won events It the cliutionshillps recently
held it 31itiloepolis aind it exp-eted to
le strong in the events at 21ilw'uikee.
Leonard Alln, brother of John Allen
champion plofessiol-1 speed  skater of
Europe, has entered till speed skating
chaipionships to be  held in Cleveland
Jan. 26 andte 27. This Will be the first al-
Iearance of Allen in any competition in
this country. lie lives at tlhe present time
at Detroit, Mich., and it paitice contests
lxas eitiauil tile tecordi of tie( present
amateur champions in the vaiiOus events.
Six I icycle riders helt six roller skaters
by half a lop it a fiv mile race at River-
aiew  rink, Jan. 22.  'l'11 1 time  was  13:06.
J1o Samilox. Let Kochler. N. Kochler, A.
Alderson. Rox   Curtis ml W. Mtatson
I ode  th  hie( le  and John McDonald,
Frank Hbounessy. Chas. Smith, AI. He~ndo.

januaiy ou, '909,


For Roller
+                     A    -IQ
+       A new invention-costs no mo
+   chalk. A boy can apply it, takin
average size rink, it drying as ra
+   all slipperiness from  the skating
+   will not retard the free, easy runn
+  will last a week. If you were to
skating surface you would find y
same experiment after using Dustl
+   hand would be clean. Five gallons
+   applied by means of one of our m
+   charge. You would no more think
+  Anti-Slip after once using it than y
+   the old style pin-bearing skate. A
a glance it is the only practical n
face. Write for our book "A New E
+                MANUFACTURERS
+   Main    Office, 504       Hodge
).  ).  Iriscoll  ad  B. tGtemski  were  tie
skatets.  aminlow  won the mile i  l
Carl TW. Ahlroth, the Duluth. Minn.,
spee(1 ster, sent a letter into trh W. S.
A. explainting that hie did not think hie
would be able to go east with the western
sfitc-s t I is season  l accro n1 tof theill-
ness of his Wife. Ahiroth Went east last
year and won many prizes in Pittsburg,
Saranac Lake, Montreal and Cleveland.
He1 won the half mile and one mile at
Sarnate Iake and the half mile and two
miles at Montreal    *
There is a story being circulated in the
east in which young Lamey is credited
with making the statement that he would
not skate on the circuit this winter un-
less a fund was raised here to pay the ex-
peises of himself anld his father. This is
entirelv incorrect. There was a move-
1e-nt to lve a tag day ait Saranac Lake.
N. J.. to raise money to pay the senior
Laim-y s expenses oti the circuit with Ed-
miund. Iut this has been abandoned, as
tlie\- 1111 tot want anythinig to happen
thai wolild injure young latney's stand-
ing as an amateur.
C. .-Appelt. member of the registra-
tion committee of theT W. S. A.. went to
Elgin, Ill.. this week to arrange for the
1ig Carnival land malanteur races that are
to be held there in February. Arrange-
monts liave been made for a special to he
run from Chicago and return at 2 a. m.,
after the earnival. Special skating car-
iivals will also be promoted It Auror;I
Joliet. KankIkee and several other towns
within easy roach of Chicago, as this new
move seems to have taken thle toung
slkaters who like to have an outing, bot
who do not i-are to travel too far to
get it.
Results of the races it TTinpodrorne
tink. Milwa kee, T\Vis.. Jan. li. 14  find  lii:
Girl's mce. S entries. 5 starters, was won
Iv Ella La Ganige: Enim   Priuhn. see-
Id. Time    2:00 2-5.   Iedal awarded.
I-rlrf-mile  h v's  novice  raee.  22  entrie-'
three  heats. 8-11-10  starters, respetivcl%:
First hoot Was won Lv Tomi Devine: A]-
fri-il Tilrner. second. Seond heat won
b-. Mat MeCormick. Jr.: '\V. H. Tracy.
.Tr.. second. Third heat won lbv TTerman
Loclerman; Art Malonev, secolld. Finil
heat. six starters, won by Flerman a1 -
crnan; Art Maloney second. Time, 3:32.
Medats awarded.
The ice skaters left Satutrday night foi
the International races  at Clevelat1nd.
Ohio. Among them xvere Anderson, Kand
and Fisllel tile westori stars, who Will
(oipete  inl the  nationil indoor  events  at
the El'sium ritnk Tuesiav and Wdles-
al  na-Its, an<  as the  ice is artiflcin1 the
ru s  will  1e  1  co  regardless  of  tl ,
wx lntir  Wi'stern Skitinc offlclils wh-
will  linvo  Mio na  iigi ftar1 : 1 . Tsp,

-SLIP                              *3
Rink Floors+
UID.          (PatentApplied For. +
re than pumice, whiting, rosin or
g about ten minutes to cover the
pidly  as  applied.  It  will eliminate
surface.  Positively no dust. It +
ing of the skates. One application
rub the palm of your hand on the +
our hand covered with black; the
ess Anti-Slip on the floor and your
would last an entire season. It is +
achines, which we furnish free of
of running a rink without Dustless
ou would of trying to operate with
n experienced rink man can see at .
ethod of treating the skating sur- +
ra in Roller Skating-maited free.
)USTLESS ANTI-SLIP                  +
s  Building. Detroit, Mich.4
in town of 13,000 With two oteI :lwnS to
sdraw from, lulparticulars.
J. HERING, Iola, Kansas
21alall, presiIent  Julian T. Fitzgerald.
seiri-ry  f1111  treasurer  and11  clillill~t fl
the 11glstration Conmmission; Ilid. Lauth
chairtat of tle Boal of Contil: Allen
I. Blanchard, honorarv president: Nester
Johnson. miemO.ber of the raiin,, I bi;L H
I-Insehy, vice-president  and  m n I Thers
Slanction has been granted to thi North-
west Skating clb by tie TWest. ii Skat-
ing Association. for a program .,f speed
skating races to be held at Ium1alaIt pak
Jan. 31. Classes A, B and C (noxices).
ace amiong tle events on the prograi, all
being at on-milc. A half-mile h. s race
is  also  listed.  Entries  close  wxix  Nester
Johnson, 638 North California :i %, oin
Jan. 28. This cosmopolitan clui  ws or-
ganized in 1904 and consists of  k Ilrs in
the vicinity of Humboldt park. It has
ieat   osv txxo 1ndre1l membsetrs, t  tilsg
tienm ace sonme of the fastest s'-]f  ill I
the west. They have successfull\ irawn
off several racing events xwith great credit
to the cith. Adolph C. G. Anderson, the
amateur star, is a member of this club.
At a meeting of the Wisconsin Skating
Association, it Was decided to nominate
the following members for official post-
tions in the -Western Skating Assocla-
ForSUMMERPARKS, ShowsCarnial Co's
DanceHalls, Skating Rinks and Merry-GO
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out Iii-ar.
ifficeand Warroos 31BondSt.,NewYorkCity.