january 30, 1909.


rjiiiiter Of~ i-1li~gei in tile ta-s mlllel
a.tiaches of the Coloinial and(]Grand
n1,I  rcni-iicoihle th is week. Ernest
long, lieIins beenlwitlI thleformer a,
te.surer since its opening has aicept-d
tI miageimnt of the Garden theater of
r.    " l'i"   n leftfr  is new field of
, ilcili`Vos isle ha  en 5iiiceiIedb liv I ,i
nr      formierly  his assistant.  Mr.
trec .mm  hre from  the  Iiincoln
rhsietuea, New York, anI is an ac-
lp eneIrgti young iman, who is quite
ie of fulilling the requirements of
newm post Tory Cavallo, who will
atsiser mLangtiee in the box office, is
by no means a newcomer in the show
1hsiness. Hc actedI as treasurer of the
Maijestic, Cleveland, last season, and has
,,rn associated in the  past with  the
anloial at Richmond, the Orpheum   at
Harnrisbuirg, anld others. F. R. Muth has
bei appointed doorkeeper, ice Con Lyon.
-csigned. Mr. Mtlith is manager of the
the Mcatis Deteetive agency of this
jtv. .nd is anoldshow man.
At thGr   d. ManagorHeld has found
ti work too arduous to permit him  to
in i s well as his regular butsi-
less ,(nIhas accordingly resigned. \Yil-
im iiT. Binford, who has purchased an
intrest in the Grand, and in the White
Rat vaudeville ciretuit, has arrived from
Denver, and will immediately assume the
management. Associated with him is A.
B. jensen. recently interested in the Elite
of this city. and formerly in the show
business in Boise. Baker City and other
westerntowns. The vaudeville dates will
esmnmenre Feb. 1. and with improved
shows and a completely renovated house,
ithe managers are confident that the
Cosy Grand wil take on a new lease of
I fe.
Mention was made some time ago in
these columns of the closing of the New
lyceum, Cort's latest house, on account
of the owner of the building refusing to
complete it. A suit has been filed against
tie owner, and in the meantime, the
ouse will open in snite of the fact that
the exterior is unfinished. Willard Mack
lnd his excellent stock company, who
have been pleasing well-filled houses at
the Colonial of late, has been secured to
fill an indefinite engagement.  Plays of
high grade are promised, and Mr. Mack's
popularity will assist in drawing a good
share of patronage toward the Bunga-
lowi, as the Lyceum has been re-christ-
oned. Mr. R. A. Grant is manager of
hoth the Colonial and Bungalow, his
issistant for the latter not having been
Minnoapolis. Jan. 25.
P. TI. Miles will go to Detroit, Mich.,
T1,vien o  siness in 3onrielion with
"I liildigofh  n ewN \iles theater in
it city. Kes nnla Cciin. who crca
1h1 plans of the Orpheuim and The Miles
III tiscity,Oare the c iteels.
"Tooz Roers, onier of the I'ninue
iln this oity will build a vaudeville Ioise
ini Fargo. N. D., to be opened about
-tel. It will be somewhat irgrthn
till-0 Isloiuset aol the prices will be
l1ll.  wetitt' anod  liiirtv.
The local management refused to make
HIV statcmnt to TITE SHOW   WORLD
Vgirling tlIe item  from  Fnrgo in last
l.ks issue, which stated Mr. Rogers
nlliciulated changing from  Sullivan &
Insidine to Orphetim bookings.
Nm vairlrdillc patronage seems to have
k eCcatd in this city. as all five houses
Iffoar to he ning as well in nroportion
-a the three did formerly. At the now
Miles, now on its fifth week. business
n'iled Nq and continues good. At the
Finily, Mannaer Priest says business has
a gratifying percentage of increase
c'orr wek for the six weeks the house
Ils been onen. At the older houses, the
lnique and tile Gem. competition seems
to have strengthened their bills and first-
"'a"" shows for the money are given.
The Orpilcol unit ihigher prices is prosper-
01108 ithl  thleir  regrular  clienteleT.-
P- - -
Singer Aids T. M. A.
Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 28.
Word has bon received from Mort Sin-
or that the T. M. A's can draw   unen
his two Companies. The Honeymoon Trail
and The Girlat the Helm company for
tlir henefit Feb. 5. The T. M. A's are
lrranging a big ball. Wallace Munro has
ellinteered his services in preparing for
inhlnefit- tPARNES.
Hvtinga New Name.
Minneapolis. Mlian., Jan. 27.
Manaor Priest, of the Family theater.
condftinga ontntest to decide on a
n15 iia for is houseo. Over 4000 sug-
0151.4 inces  Il-is  beetn received  to
Air Dome for Chattanoona.
Ollttanonga Tenn., Jan. 25.
1, I T. 1t1 b  'l Ii  W ill  S.  Alllcit.
Ior and  ni      respctivel   of th
Orniteim thdenllltiteater at this pice.
oiliince that they have secured option
O   s auitable location for an air-dome or
llin air theater and will begin, at an
melrdothei  n~atual constriiction of this
ment enterprise.-FRAWLEY.
Princs Omne is back on 110 Sullivan
coertimea thne id is doing three acts.
oct nnd bliehigin she is using her rope
I     as gsven ai dancing. cut out
da   itsng. 'Back1-odearOldMontana
I11t" she writes.

L. 11. Dibble, who has suicesfuliy man-
iged the Faribault theater at FIaribault,
Min., for two seasons, has leased it for
three years mere. At the close o f the
present season $5,000 will be expended on
Ilict LIbadie has hoen at his cinill
iii MTiemigan this winter. Hec did lilt It
out a company ill all this season. Mary
Van Tromp came to Chicago a few woeks
ago and is the guest of friends in this
Thle Huall Rtoomn Boys is rehuearsing at
the Tiiirty-First streettheaterinChicago
and nwill take the road shortly. It is said
that a Miss Morton is the backer.
Eugene Moore had the second best
week of his season, according to Fred G.
Conrad, week of Jan. 18-23.
The opera house at Bristow, Okla.,
burned down Jan. 18.
Hiutchinson. Kan., had 17 shows in 16
nights recently. As told in these col-
umns last week seven shows appeared
there in six nights-two shows playing
there on th  be s enight. Thattcitydoes
not appear tobe sffering for attractions.

A Night in College had a scrimmage
anmong its members at Hutchinson, Kan-
sus, recently according to report and the
manager was obliged to close with the
Peek's Bad Boy, which was in the west,


closed after a fight in the company. It is
reported that the manager left suddenly
with the receipts when he saw that the
members of the company were in such a
humor that it would be imposible to con-
tinue the tour.
A manager in a Pennsylvania town of
15,000 gave up $00 for the booking of his
attractions last season. "It was not a
very good season either" he writes. He
gate five percent of the gross to an
eastern booking office.
Ed Anderson's The Farmer's Daughter
had an $800 week at Salt Lake City re-
Fred G. Conrad has renewed his con-
tract with Edwin Milton Royle by which
lie will have the rights to My Boy Jack
for several more seasons.
Youngstown, Ohio, Jan. 19.
Charles  E. Smith. manager of the
Princess theater, and Marie Daly, em-
ployed at the Princess as a singer of illus-
ha ted songs, were married in this city
Jan1. 13.


Forest Amusement Park
Will open for its second season May3:0th. ForConcessions call on Win. Spain
on grounds, or address, Manager S. H. KAHM, 4939 Michigan Ave., Chicago
Licensed by The Motion Picture Patents Co.  When in doubt write us


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and Nights of   MID     SUMMER              of Industrial
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For You in Two Weeks
Than What the Biggest of
SrkSuccesses can Possibly0
ress: SEC'Y M  UMMER EXPOSITION, 534 Prudent I Idg., Buffalo,

MONKEYSVALUEDAT                                                                              Finest Bon    Bons and
SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS.                                                                      Chocolates in America.
Webster City, Iowa, Jan. 28.                                                        TheBestSellersforCon-
Belle Iathaway, who is on   the Or-          46 SouthWater Street, CHICAGO                 cessions and Wheel Men
pheum circuit with a group of perform-
ing monkeys, has brought suit against
the Chicago, Great Western Railroad for                     WHEN IN
$6.000 for the loss of three of the ani-
mals. They were smothered    to  death                      DOUBT ASK
while on the way to Kansas City. The
haggageman placed their cage on top of
a coil of steam pipe. The animnias were                           "                                  h
unusually intelligent. Their  stunt in-                           "THE         M  YST        R      G IRL
cluded a fine boxing match and a trip                                    WeekJan.25,Champaign,Ill.
alone through the audience giving away                                    W
candy and peanuts.-TUCKER.


In view of the many conflicting statements that are being made regarding
the Gaumont films, a representative of THE SHOW WORLD called upon George
Kleine, who stated:
"I shall continue to market standard films made at the several Gaumont
factories of London and Paris under contract with Mr. Gaumont, which was
consummated several months ago.
"Gaumont films will not be marketed in this country through any other
agency. My license covers standard films only and has no bearing upon the
Gaumont talking pictures, in which I am not commercially interested."