-     January 30, 1909.



New York Magistrate Holds That Law Regarding Theater Visiting
Age Holds Good and Theatorium Man Pays $500
for the Information.

I)rlilile1 d1kshasjinii  the Neill stock
a Ioilt i a tour throughCtaa
'fti, cIinilzer Brothiera comany plnixl
 $130 or, the week Jan. 1S-23 at Mus-
Te Grace Hayward cotmpany had a
io week at Vincennes, Ind., Jan. I-
'Thes Partclle stock company was the
rt reportmre show to play to a. capacity
uliacent the t atinec at the Academy
in Kalamazoo tIis season.
TlicNorth Prtiothers. comedianls, are at
EausClaire, Wis., this week.  The show
gaes ts Chippewa Falls, W~is., week of
jan. 31-FebI. 6.
Kirke Brown and his repertoire com-
lly is at the State Street theater in
,Trenton, N. ... this week. Mr. Brown
ormerlv hteaided the Trent Stock  com-
piny at that city.
The Wight Theater comnany. Hilliard
Wicht.mantiager, touring Iowa. Minnesota
and the Dnkotas, is now   in  its  22nd
0   wek and butsiness is reported good. A
sceic prodution of every play is giren.
tr  tenriding to Mr. Wight, who says he
lstiles all day long to get business.
Thc Dcpow-Burdette eoninany disband-
ed at Huntsvillc, Alai.. owing to the ill-
nss of Mrs. Depew. wife of the manager.
who is hnnii on the stage as Miss Fan-
nie pepow. She remained in TTuntsville
far trintrnnt but the memtbers of the
sanpiany came to Chicago and Cincinnati.
.1, Tarvv Orr thinks pcople will go to
rep" siow if the manager delivers the
enIs. His ecoipany. the TTarvey stock.
jVled to a big wOk at SlIehovgn  last
ack; in fat on S-iturdav night it was
not of the tuestinP to aceommodate those
tilto soight admission. Every seat was
notinied nii ten clairs and 43 standing
5omn tickts sold.
Ponhie'sp layers have made th1e Broad-
way theater's stage at RlittOe  Mont., a
hu1 workelinn for the pnst two weeks
wilit rehearsals. The "hyio manager" is
to tlla ailt Ia renertoire compaony for
picla P. Sftton. ivintet will consist of a
r-noganized road colipnylii  augmented bV
i11ttti'atin  froiii  F-risco.  incluiicl
'h!tries C. 2aise atii Phlvlis Barrington.
iean' sifr aonied this itcl ait Bin""to
.i1 will mic n ri'cd     tour ofMon-
aini and the northwest
Goshen, hid. Tan. 26.
Riribard 'arl Iii Mnry's  nam   came to
lie Jefforesnn Tantr 22 and following
laint upon Three Twins, broke the high
witer matr for bic r'ceipts  staiblished
onthe toel AT GaIes show j1st two
tuceks befno. Tue theater wvas entirely
sndolf rsne napd the police stopped
Ih selling af ti n all floors, not
llcrmitting starditg roamn.  Despite thle
S factthint (aniedian Caneowas very hoarse
wtitI acold ndc sliflered witih a sprained
* lls,. he received (IIng liisz Cincinnall
onitggeaenl itsipillieklr caughit the hig
rawd and merrittiit irea'ailed thirotigh-
lilt IT, eveiig. Tite sluadowgraphi fen-
1117'5 of Ite C;ine shoxw and the brevity
at ch1oruis costililes, toeefftlicr wvith the
L'!CIhO~~vli- oil 0inuospliere of Mary's
1:i11hsiaka a iiI-F.

thoit the chiracter of the pictures shown
wris  obsjectioiiable.  angistrate  Breen
holds thtat, notwiltstandiiig lte s tatte
on whii'h the charge against liolloro is
based was passed prior to the advent of
the moving picture shows as inow con-
ducted. it apolied with equal force as to
dance halls, theaters, etc.
Lawyer Murphy, of the legal bureau of
the Police department, was in court and
urged that Dottoro be held for trial.
Oliver Labadie and Helen White Refused
to Stand Cut in Salary and are
in Chicago.
'The County Chairman, tinder the man-
agement of Marx S. Nathan, closed at
Parsons, Kan., Jan. 19, for reorganization.
The plan is to tour Oklahoma and the
The reorganization is with the aim of
getting the salary list down to a point
where the manager has a chance to make
some money. It is claimed that the man-
agement asked everyone to stand a cut
of twenty per cent and that the most of
them took their medicine gracefully.
Oliver Lahadie, who played Frisco and
managed the stage, and Helen White,
who played the milliner, were among
those who refused to accept a cut in
salary. They are now at the Saratoga
hotel in Chicago. It is said that Miss
White was the best milliner who has ever
been seen in the character.

New York. Jan. 25.
If the judgment of Magistrate Breen is
correct, the llieatorium maisagers of this
'ityw"ill have to sacrifice conisiderable of
their profits. One, Jasparo Dottoro, who
runs a theatorium at 235 Avenue A. was
fined five hundred dollars for admitting
children "utinder age" to his moving pic-
ture house. Dotorro was arrested by an
agent of the Children's Society aInd was
eharaed with violating section 290 of the
penal code, prohibiting any person from
admitting to " dance hall, concert saloon,
theater, mtiseu, skating  rink or any
place of entertainment injurious to health
or tiorals" children under the age of six-
teen years, unless accompanied by their
parents or guardians.
After reciting the evidence and quoting
from the statute at length. Magistrate
Breen held Dottoro in $500 bail for trial.
The magistrate said:
"The plain object of the statute in re-
quiring the aceonpaniment of parents or
guardians was to safeguard the health
and morals of ite children. By its pro-
visions no child under the prescribed age
could enter a theater or museum, no
niatter how moral the performance. un-
less aecompanied by a parent or guar-
dian. TWould it not ie illegal to hold that
moving picture shows, with their objec-
tionable and dangerous surroundings in
many instances. should be exempt from
the operation of a statute that has for its
purpose the protection of children from
the evils whihli the legislature had its
nmind. mcrely' 1weluse they ate not spe-
cifieally mentioned?"
Jnmses Ntient, counsel for Tottoro, had
contended that it wvas esential to prove


New York.
NagaraFalls.-Ground for he new van'
llhieiso ii, hbe eteted  by  i-Tat-mis
Inllil la  ciniiger   li]  osee  of  the  ITt-
i'irliat i3  it ii . aid Auigustis C. Por-
tl." ati 26 Faills, street. wais brokeni Mon-
lie .hranus lros. coilttaccors, nill huill
ieh 11oitse4 1iniih kliic guantaitoo to haive
aidi Ii 40 xs-oring cliss. The thicater'
itha Imodol of its kind. It will cost
'1.000 and will sent 700 persons comfort-
1.TlJohn Allen of Buffalo, who has dee-
Ililde mah of the heaters in trat city,
"ill (dthe shuuoonoc. The exterioralt-
ilneeof the house will be very hand-
Scranton.- The old  Star  theater   on
Ifiulon strot opened  Monday, .Tanuary
i. l tile nw mI ianagers. Smith & May.
nll0 of the mangers in speaking of thle
aningcof thehouse sill:
Thi lionse is anoluhtclv renovated and
ik is  now tilestsr. The house is
'"' uti ois ini sm(i11ing is permitted.
IiI 't lifliutec iiti tiny circuit.
owaCity _\ new opera house to cost
"npa is to bl erected Iy a newly formed
mllold shiuch has tiaken options on sev-
ligoodl sites.
Portsmouth. lus Gun. the vaudeville
Ilinat5,  as a 1 business visitor here to-
ne. When asked this afternoon about a
W tIete forrPortsmouth lie stated a,
!le woridlie butilt in thle spring with-
ut Il doubt It was rumored with much
"-Iisten . thllt Mr. Sun was after the to-
1ion on West Second street where the
iortsmouth Cycling Chitha xxas fornmerlv

New Mexico.
Santa Fe.-The Santa Fe lodge of Elks
is bulilding an up-to-date opera house,
wiIili  xwiii lie conpeted nout .une 1,
1909l. 'lle hiouse xxIII he stii-tir modern,
liavitugaI stage fifis feetaideliv twenty-
ght feet d'epa wvill prosceniim opening
"I twoi'tyiiglit feet.  Sating  clpacity
iwilllie iaout 56tnat ii l t ie one of te
riosttisooiernti ietersiii the',West. A. J.
Fisher will e the manager.
Colorado Springs.-Jares F. Burns, the
well know i iining maun. has plans ready
fori'onsritoiu  fif1 $200.0nn11pert house,
office and storettiiilding. coniliiiid,pi hnIs
pronerty in the business center embracing
a site 120xl10 feet. The building will be
three stories high tand ornate in design.
Oklahoma City.-- The new Metropolitan
theater vhiclh is ieing Prected by Ells-
axorth & ;Torann of New York City will be
opened Fnruary 1. The new playhouse
is thi prettiest in the city ind represents
an expenditiire of nearl r100l000.
The biuiling i-mltodies thte a-cry latest
faids and fuinteIs in theater Potnstruction.
iiicludiig i fireproo fnglthat is so perfect
ltat 1\antget- Jordani isas considered it
iinnecessarv to insure the structure. The
bilding will not onily be substantial but
outwardly attractive as well.
Stock will be played wholly and the so-
lection of the company will be in the
hands of Mark Ellsworth, one of the own-
ers and managers.-EVANS A. NASH.
Bay City.-A new ground floor house
hls jut opened here.
Lufkin.-The new    opera   house  was
iotened here by the Emery Musical Com-
i1 company.

AtIanta--Thc Kahni Theatrica Circuit.
cnuitilized it 125.00xithi the prix' ilege of
incronsing to $l200,000, waas chartered by
the Superior Court of Fulton county. Tile
stockholders elected Benl -alin as general
manager while TV. 0. Mashburn. Jake
Hirsch and J. F. Lyynch were made direc-
tors. The purposes of the company is to
operate a chain of theaters, form thueatri-
cal companies and establish theater cir-
West Virginia.
Wheeling.-The Motion Pieture Service
Company las been incorporated with $1,-
tnn capital. The ieoroiators are Tuther
T. Pollard, Nathan tY. Rubel, Simon I.
Ruibel and others.
Milwaukee.-The Wiscensin Amusement
Company has been incorporated with a
capitl of $2,500. 1W. S. Griswold, C. F.
Henrizi and J. TW. Cannon ire named as
the incorporators.
Madison.-The    National  Amusement
Company has been incorporated with a
capital stock of $50,000. The incorpora-
fors are S. R. Simon, Fred A. Landeek.
and Ttarr Harris
New York.
Albany.-John King and John Fluhrer.
of Middle Village, and Edward Schlatter
and Clara Schlatter, of Brooklyn, are di-

rectors of the King Amusement company.
of New York City. just incorporated with
tie Socretary of State. wxith a capital of
New York-     o   ta   vlor I& conpiy
hilave bieen inicortporated for the( purpose
of ranufnifturing  moving  hitire  T'an-
chines. etc. The capital stock is $50.a0.
Tile iioriirltors ai-e Eliier E. E~in-
sliaxa' 11-il0 tiwn rN.Y. Bo E. a-
Inr, 141 Simpson street; The Bronx, ai]
Chicago.-The Mutual Amuisemnti Comi-
pali has 1leer incorportited witli a calil
sliell of .$10.000. The fiitcoriorltorS are
Williitrn G. Yost, IT. Reichardt and E.
Chicago--The Calumet Filia Exchange
has been incorporated with I capital stock
of $21.000. The   incorporators  ate  IT.
TTleinemann,  Kohn A. Vorhoevn     aind
George IToke.
New Jersey.
Camden.-Globe    Theatrical  coanipan v.
Tie.. capital $25,000; Incorpotalors. V. A.
iTiutt'avArchwaorth Martiti atid Doei-iig
Oklahoma City.-The Monarch Film Ex-
change has been incorporated with a cenp-
ital stock of $20,000. The incorporators
are C. V. Strubble, Harry Burgess, George
TV. Bennett and others.
Wilmington-The    International  Film
Manufacturing Company has been ineor-
poruted with a capital stock of $10,000.
The incorporators are Orrin B. Faussett,
and Isaac Kribel. of Philadelphia.W Tilliam
C. Popp, of Wilmington.


,:V ; der.

THE SHOW WORLD Invites All Members of the Profession of Entertainment to
Contribute to This Column-An Accepted Article Entitles the Writer
to a Six Months' Subscription to THE SHOW WORLD
and Permanent Membership In
Game Number Nineteen.
There ire manyi games in whiel theatrical men are the victims if their
designing brothers. but this is agaIe in which the theatrial manager is know-
igly vitimized. wilh or without his consent. This may be pived I) ;In  poli-
tician who his a "pull" with the police or fire department. T1` either writes
for or calls in person for a ''pair of seats.'' (Perhaps I dozen, if hie is so in-
ined].  The manager refuses to "recognize' the request.    The politician
informsthemanageratthetime oftheturn down" that Bill Smith, chief of
the firedepairtment  is apal of his, and that ''Bill'' will "hn"the ma-nger
''somnething for this.'' And then may follow aI dozen or more different metho d s
oflbirrassing The mannager. ktnown only totile iiiiited. Inspection of hisl'o Ilsl'
hrv tile firemnan, detiled at each performneo. is likely to develop infringe-
maents of the fire laws In the most uneaneeted pilaces. Ahburiit match found
in an aisle of thle aiuditoritim may he held over the mnaqger's head like a hig
stick, until in slier dlesperation, the manager mrnn Invite the noIitlinn to en-
tertniin himself and friends at a hoxpnartv, any night most sitlitale to him. It
isanlmosntimpossible for manageis fo break tip this gameofgraift and the vie-
tim is deserving of symnpathy rather than eleion to permnent membership in
this noeietv.-T-. T,. MT.




Thomas D. Davis is i advance of The
Witching Jllilr.
Frank C. Payne is ill wvith puneiimontit
iii N eax York.
Dwight Pepple succeeded Wallae Saik-
stt in advance of The Straight Road.
Harry Bryan, who has been in advance
ofThe Revelation, arrived in the city last
Richard Ross, advance representative of
The Power of Truth, is in town this week.
It is understood that the company will
lay off next week.
Eddie Cook has reason to lie swelleda
little tifter the picture of himself wihl
appo'ared in a wvestern panlr. a copy of
which n0w adorns the office of George
Kingsbury in the Chicago opera house.
Frederick Swartz, lusineos manager for
Thurston. Kellar's successor, was in Chi-
eago this week and reports a highly suc-
cessful tour for his orgtinization. Thurs-
ton is booked for a three weeks' stay at
the *Great Northern in Februarv.
Sherman Danby. who has been connect-
ed with various attractions, being story
man with the Carl Hagenbeck cireis one
year and press representative of Wilton
Tackaye when lie appeared in The Bond-
mait, is in Chicago, having closed the
company in The Bishop. of which hie was
manager. When it comes to originality
as a press agent, it is doubtful if Tanby
has many equals.
Gay Musician Broke Records.
St. Thomas. Ont., Jan. 26.
The Gay Musician, presented .Tan. 1t.
set I new record for financial returns as
far as the Grand Opera house is con-
corned. The record was formerly hold by
The Gingerbread Man., whielh was pre-
sented last year. but The Gay Musician
eclipsed the receipts of that performance
hr about $100.
Great Northern Injunction Denied.
New York. Tan. 20.
Judge Girard has denied    the  Great
Northern Film Company, represented by
Ingvald C. Oes. Mgr.. the right of prma-
nont injunction against the American Mnl-
toseope and Biograpih Company of Amer-
ic-. The suit for damages will be con-
Cincinati, Jan. 25.
Snneior Judge Shattuck Saturday (t-
cided the maovr has no power to grant
or refuse iovig picture show liceises.
The dec-ision was ili tIIe case of T,yini B.
BoNman. who    birougt In   injinetl on
I gIiiist the cita' to restrain its off]iilo
from arresting him for runing a iickel
theater at Alis olance. Walnut Tsill, wiith-
out a license.  T said Mayor a rle i
hand refused llin license biecatise of the(
olections of residents in the neigliror-
ond. Judge Sttcl ruled the act gi.-
ing the mayvor the" right to pass ois Ii-
ceit, IS, is illeg-1l. Bow-man wrill ask the
t ItIdi1tor for a licnse and if this is re-
fiused. wvill inandnimtis tini.--BUTNE1Y.
Teck Narrowly Averts Damane.
Buffaqlo. N. Y.  ini 15.
The bilding in which theTechl theapter
is located was dlaimlged hy fire Stuii-iv.
blit the theliter escpe(d unharmed. M~ain-
ager Gisliel is giving  rentuhar lierfontil-
aries tlsl ivek.-McGT'IRT.