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Stirring Days in Old Virginia

Length 1000 Feet.


THE SELIG POLYSCOPE CO., Inc., 45=47=49 E. Randolph St., Chicago, U. S. A.


11(  9 1  1he  tim i  T, Ij o  I Ie e ly r l a u
T'he Gurd's Alarin, Urbn-        ipse, 4,
fet-Th e guardi bu11s anl alarm li kI, cle
callig asleep srat-sis he is arustt by cne
lock and thros it on tie loor. It ois
linues to   n1 tn Ite immer"se it is his
wIash-basin, and aga in retirs.  1 aclsid itt
timid lie has Itot0 u  to drsitts, atti clad in
tis  hetjahas lie t-tls fo Iis va, but the
ri  isPjmagically  lisappears.  After .L tmany
tamsing    ai  tet srifyi'    Itperlences  Ie
smutes. Ioon s at 1is in c-ixck, and, grt-acly
selles], relapses into peacful slumber,
reivd               1111ut 25fe.
(endarmne's Htorses, G''aont, 275 feet.-
rhess-ell-trinelisorses of the gtdarmes foil
a daring plot of a couple of Owlehis ury tct-
cing their captors into the armIts of cite law.
Its thO chaso that ensues many luiiteand
ellitIin o,, 1)iso(Ies  are  enacted.
,a  Mother's Ilteart. Cauont, 6 o feet-A
,trI~osecli mithtet* is discamded h. heyong
and his wife.   Sikness befalls cite youn
inam, and his wife leaves hilt to hie fate,
but his mother' murses himt back to heatt.
NotingC tise loxe , f tile son for ftse imicte-
Itsing tsef tlie Iof ther stiflesiherprt'judices
mist  if s  about  the  reution  of  cite
sitil i slupls oI hi sSer after vow to take
reof the aged von
Th ieising l'reek, Urban-Eclipse, 562 feet.
-A oast town scene, Witt ti people gath-
liC es-awsteh sfrageintsr of a sipvrecil
ati c _ashedc asitore amid fromnt a rafter is
taken the almost lifele-s form  of a xictilmi
of the wereck. Twvo natives rob the uncoi-
scious man, and when he regains conscious-
tess and detects his loss a search is insti-
tuted,  in this meanltimie, the thieves hav'e
fought over the spils and one tics been
ysunsed ansdeiriveofthilechar'. He adds
sis aoutsrtion  uth le suspsicion pointing to
iecithisr thief, xcio is arestesi.
The Nurse's Romunce, Giaont. 925 feet.
-I'Thehired mslnis ii 1ose ii, this daughter
of the farmer. A young acomun e   rom  tosu
appears and the young mei beo  eishifatu-
sited. oixly to its discarded for cite poliselud
admirer of te sirea.     Heartbroken, the
aouth iakessaiineffe-tual attempt to ind his
c xIttt u hot is rescued. At the hospital
i-, Li entteth  Ihe nusrso its attendance is the
ittaid wnhom  he treated so heartlessly, and
as punisilnent foir swhich his life and happi-
ness have be n wecked,
TIhe Wels-ome Burglar, Biograph, 190 feet.
-Alice ficre    coltents to elope with Bets
11arris, a rascal. ie tires of her and deserts
her.' She secures a position as a stenogra-
prier, and marries the manager. She is seen
and recognized by her first husband whom
she supposed stead. Harris sends a false tele-
gramn to herl husband, luring him away from
home, and    then  calls as her home.     A
burglar has effected an entrance and is hid-
ing bhind the portiers. Harris locks the
dor aI seizes this frightened woman, and
in the struggle backs against the burglar
ti-ho shoots anditillsr has 'Te husband re-
turnss altd finds use door locked, To avert
is   usitciots Alice bids thus burglar do-
TeI,   etistg his tools ofehin, atin as her
ihusbad btrstsinat itrfoornisiltstaiis ore
tile prostrate fons of lie cormser sitiuse
it tile pioll in her hai, ntn tretns
sie liitirss hsc uld is hat of a burglar usioit
se h as shot.
Thse Awful   tis. Biograpli 185 feet. -
Te seisn, is cote innter  n     of     h1 istioit pistiuts
Itheat-il diurinug site etforintisuithg hasists (
1usi, I   ohuies-eand and ailothgs atei lnt
s Isss  futusl  sthe  cellist ,  Nilit  Is  dlt-i L m1te
Lsu  itch  1-11su  it  oii t  fsiglit.
Time C'oid oft Life, Biog'iiip, 85, feul.-
Antttilio. as scotumilul, ticitiutits shoutev of Isis
refused votes to get oxen.    He takes his
cousin's infant and placing it in a basket
let it out with a short rope. the end of which
is secured by letting the sash down on it.
He then follows his cousin, who is saved
fronst death hi' this arrival of a policemoan.
li  boasts of  vhat he has done, and his
cso usin dashes tvildly homeas cd rescues thus
child from its perilous position.
A  Romance of Old Madrid, Edison, 900
feet.--Pauuita, the beautiful daughter of
poor peasants, makes her first visit to the
city. At a bull fight she meets Carlos, a
famious bull fighter, and they fant in love.
Fearig opposition, she agrees to eloe. They
attend a imasked ball, and the lovers slip
asway andi are married.
A Model lmon- Mun, Edison, 900 feet.

A  guil  s  u    tut.n    1 N -- oiI.t,  toter-
tusin  '  101  5 tes ic t.tiatCi, u:(  stt  aIl  sights
tiat offends Isis siliritikitg ntiasrc'. i,tc, his
friends-including a bexy of bright young
ladies -take him in liand, and his extreme
sensitiienss is considerably toned down. Ait
innocent post card, picturing a pr tty chorus
girl, grates on his delicate nerves and he
las a fit; an unexpected corset demonstration
in a store window causes him    to beat a
blushing retreat; the sight of a poster dis-
playing the charis of a prominnt hur-
lesque actress puts him in a frenzy; around
an undraped statue ie places his overcoat
and is arrested. On beholding a lady in a
losv-neck dress he faints, and is shocked
vhen he seocs a baby in its bath.      His
friends finally determine to cure him of his
peevisliness and arrange a fitting climax
that causes him   to forever forswear his
lprudish scruples.
Stirring Days in Old Virginia. Selig.-A
n-ar picturo full of action. A soutliern man-
emit , on wvhich Goineral Logan has etncamtped
ivith1 his soldiers. The signal corps in op-
eration.  Lee's caip in the woods near
Petershurg. Captain Warren acts as a spy
and enters the Federal lines.  He secures
the documents lie is after and escapes fol-
losv;-d by a fusilade of shots. Tur he aursun.
'ht hatci.,. IAarreti is capsturedt aitis or-
dred executed. His wife inveigles the guard
into conversation wlile the old slave ex-
tracts the bullets from the paper shells of
the gils nearly . The captain is blindfolded
and the order given to fire. Warreit feigns
Ieclth and drops. The soldiors depart and
xvarren escapes. The last battle of the war.
'ie surrender of Lee.
A Suit Case, 615 feet.-A young man is
engaged as a detective, ad in endeavoring
to capture ctemantlie is sent out fortomakes
miany blunders, holding up the xvrong
neotte, getting soundly thrased, and finally
is threatened wyith suits for danmages bxy
his ictims, who handle liit rogh li at tie
ptolice station, The police thtrosv hint out,
and while they are busy with the amateur
detective a sneak thief goes through a de-
partment store, taking everything lie can
lay his hands on. The thief is caught and
stressed in a striped suit.
Who Stole Jones' Wood. Lubin, 270 feet.-
Jones has his wood stolen by Mikse, Iis
n-ighbor. Jones lays a trap for the thief,
fixing a string to a gunt, so that it will go
off when the door is pulled. He falls asleep,
however, and Mlike gets the vood. Next
time Jones fills a hollow Ing wtith gunpowder.
Mike gets it, there is an explosion and lie
and his wife are thrown into Jones' back-
The New    Mirror, Lulin, 480   feet.-A
vouo husband buys his wife a new imirror.
As she is fixing her hair she sees the re-
flection of a burglar hiding behind a cur-
tain,  She acts as if nothing had occurred
goes downstairs and phones the police. The
thief escapes, but is pursued and captured.
Lo1 e  Germs    Lubin,  460   feet.-Pri
Stxarty iscov'rsa love gerii, lilsaessistint
taes te hotei  containi g tor e  erits ,nl
rie  s txcii on Aystt  ac old. bsitl ast sl-
taig neslts  He suffers  itse-nf, escs-i
thel   cite antle xreak taid s,  isales site
ii-'. getttt'5
from footad  o ats, for classii-sai,n.
Iiin sit io' Lose Sioa , Ea anay, 10 0
fee1.  i      lh e re mste nsitr iii'sean
tas-ito ai and  st iaentii ortsmt
11lce 111ut.  Ass-tsr  goes  III  alii  St1  111,
ifer lnged int poerty. Sithe  goes ias1 is
hie ftnr, tasing ie ht   sithe fh
loaitig  iera dusand. Eihet sextn 1
ie ttusicaib im  ire steits, rsotis 'o ki-
fromti ftx'xtttads. She asiks fr- Isis 5 liii and
ina gihain d it to her ers L IIti ticet tsra
)isapsn. She releets the inscardesit an
takes it to it and lie idetifies her sy his
syife's wvedding ring ott her fitnger as his
child, The picture ends shtowing the father,,
nmothter aid ditotr !i happy reunion.
The Sear, Pathe, 606 feet3-Colorede T
sioblemn are in sv  Nvit Lady Cecile   She
sioes not care for Ota of thet, One flay site
to attacked by maclied men, svho cry to kid-
nap her, and se bites one on thehand and
escapes. sitoaly after the discarded Suitor
pIroposee to
Sainay Celebrates, Pattie, 354 feet.-A
sailor ofcbsenavy arrives iniport and begin s
to celebtrate the ev'entt in a htilariouts wvay.
After nutmeros -cottades and escaples fromt
te Itie'.  all  nf  sthis-  ifaeo tia  ssio',
I'l  K1',i  i i l  mr:'vac'stel.

'ailing Day, Pathe. 159 feet. --A  n.k with
Man  admirers taes, ad-anae of the ab-
snce of the master and mistress to enter-
ain them. The first caller is a policeman,
aut later, a soldier admirer uncxpe cte dty,
-sits. The manner in INrhtch shte enttertains
Itemand 1  Sint eupted bI other callersand
1inally by the home coming of the master
and niltress is Itigly amuinig.
Ni ck Carter's D~ouble, P'attie, 469 feet.-A
thief steals a bird front a cage in front of
a house. The oNner, a woman, hires a de-
tective. H-ei finally lands fite thief, who, by
now, has eaten the bird. But the detective,
with the aid of a sase, remtoves the bird
from the thief's stomach, alive. he is pre-
sented with a small bunch of flowers for his
Vampires of the Coast, Pathe, 590 feet.-
A band of outlaws along a rocky coast make
their living by luring ships to destruction
and stealing their cargoes. One of the out-
laws rescues the daughter of a wealthy
fami' frini drowsning and falls in love witih
her  He wvatcles his opportunity and when
his pals fall into a drunken sleep, lie carries
her out of their cave and restores her to
her parents. Later they are married.
A  Put Up Job, Pathe, 348 feet-Four
voutt  girls eitnsett a ematritnuitatl rtic- in
at daily paper, to the effect that a young
lady with five thousand dollars wants to
inarry a worthy man.    A crowd of park
loafers answer the ad. The difficulty which
the young ladies encounter in trying to rid
thenselves of this crowd of men, furnish
many ludicrous situations.
Saived by i  [og, Pathe, 512 feet.-A
biggar ivcmai beitg refused altos by a cer-
taiit rich family s-ows vengance. She steals
tO :aby oftte famils. The infaintis finally
rec01eredt through tlie efforts of cte famtily
On the Zambesi, Pathe, 328 feet.-Views
nl-i:n fite famous Zanibesi river.
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sat of your business, and you must pay
the expenses.
Most all of you present here know that
some time iago the same movement, along
liffretit lines, was taken by the Edison
icollpany, wI, rang it a bluff that they
would close sip every five cent theater
that did not take films from   them, and
toek olt injunctions against a good many
theater owners, among them     myself.
Tlsts resulted in a movement amtong
loal exlibitor- which forced the Etdison
ttmilily to lttils' give tilt its fight, or,
;is titsS   did, hly out tle concern which
the independents supported in its fight.
Thlit Edison COmipanY ston found out that
thelx Iihd no Strengtil i  theti patents,
None of the pntents OStiowi todix by tlit
nits'    ttnfatur         ae    Strong
,ii-  In uI  ni  a  vi, taryN  ill  IIh(  I'LLit I((
tDates  Sul n 1  Cour t.

"If  the  exhibitoirs  oif  Ilh,  I'nitld  Sites
will tefus' to sign any toyait'lty ;ipe-
tion the Patents Co. will soon   - Ilacei
again in a position where they wvill see
tre failure of their newt' moenm a t. atnd,
therefore, gentleftien, we retjsesi Nit to
ludgeyocurselvesiotto sign any of Iese
oun maonaleapplications.'
\Ir,. Ftiedlantder then requested that all
spec'kers hllait themsselx'es to five minustes,
and stated:
"I have received notice that there will
lie pesent at this meeting some people
that represent ithe trust, and who will
try to rnt over this meeting, aid I be-
lieve that ve will be in a position to sub-
Stantially giuaid against aity such ttion
I hope titUt I will itale the supput ',f tle
exitititois who are present, if it is ieces-
saty to keep theta fraio swamping us,
"There will be no fees collected ur as-
sessinents made during this meetug, or
aniy of Lilc' folloxing  meetings, antil we
ciesi1e to form 11to a peruantentt society
for the purpose of protection, and to se-
cure the passage oI local ordinances en-
iling us to run our business in ai logiti-
intt wvay.''
GtUgv' F. Bowersdorf, of the Film Im-
port &  Trading Co., then addiessel tile
meeting, as follows:
"We are importing it piresnt three
ieels if libin that is known as indicpendent
film.   We were one of the original Edi-
Ot cotnititIe, lut tiaiks to a very large
Et-encli yoUccliil Whlich tioilglit it could
SUppi  te vntire Ameiicai public with
'reih and European film, wve wre re-
cnisted to w5tdray. rVe todis I1 is is
tmainitint ai oei intiket, Ltind tI~l iml
to adlise all exhibitors again-t -tilsing
any license application which ti,   Isution
Ficttie Patents Co. may present. It YOU
xillIpe eibet  last 1Aalel  t1 Lidison
Comitpanty  liveitsod  Several  rtci1  ex-
chaiges. The licenses at that Lim, did
it atoint to oery tuci, hut toit they
Itaxev fisred clown  the throat o f tt-e  ex-
chantges stis Iieie s which  t     l ci ,iair-
taol jcist reaid, which is att i I..-itisti
it tci'tvcirScforim.
"I Wish to sistire you that within a short
while titer' still be fourteen independent
reels to he it, and besides that don t for-
get that if 'lou don't use tilmi froim the
trust tes  will be forced to open their
market anJ give co iipetition a fair field.
At present there are seven indpendstient
rIels to be had. "
Dr. Ricaid Ray, of the Kaniss City
Fili Exlangt1 was  the next '51 -kier:
'I an hwi in a dual capacitI. ire-
senting the K' Isas City Film Exciiange,
and   -xlhibitors of Missouri and Kansas.
I ant vice-president of the protectie as-
sosiation ornigized in New     Yotk 'ome
weekstiohs  I      made a touri of Kisas
and  ssouri in the interest of ithe inde-
thadent I nIIi'nitslvt ilit-xhibitod
that I  tallked  to  has  givenl  m111  his NNwrd of


-- Itj',
I hi1

During the month of December we placed
twenty headliners on the market, and- will
do likewise in the month of January, which
proves that we release more high class pic-
tures than any other manufacturer.

e  I ,   1,( ,     ju .