Vol. 4.                                         CHICAO, JANUARY 29, 1909
E. E. Meredith, Editor.

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(Otiee  uclei  t   l editor's,  lilt.)
N. B.-The Breeze does not nor never
hasadvertised in the Chicago Examiner.
.Jalni oif *)''t will be remembered by
iani p r-n iungiged in the theatrical
t. Vitor LighI ton intended to take a
tirupe out of Sai Antonio, but his angel
got awav. i1e is now  in Denver.
The Breeze is of the opinion that either
the coniniation or the independents will
win ini the present moving picture war.
Dode Fisk is reported to have purhosod
An elephant from J. H. LIiPearl last week.
ie must intend to have a real show this
The Quincy 1 erald has this sporting
note: "Osar inmersttin, the New York
ispressario, leads a happy life as cor-
pIrd with some baseball managers."
No wonder William   Morris knows how
to out oil a vaudeville show. Worcester
coigned a word looking forward to his
ravent i  ll vaudeville field. I-ere it is:
Morris-A kind of play; Morris dance.
A company styling themselves The
Morry New York taids ploed an engage-
mont Ilst week at  ite THuntington (W.
la.) theatr. The niluagir of tine com-
illy. '0r. Thornet, was Otanding in the
iNby of fthetheater talking to Joe Gainer.
tie house rtmanager, whe  an inehriated
iluliidul stulld in froit of themn. "Do
nou wnilt to see tine show'?" affably ill-
iiired Thornot, as he led Jiln towirds
h" tax office.  ''hns'reiid       thle
h0l'zy ne as he pass id ih  ticket-taker.
I n something of an lianatettr myself.'
Wien it comics to Pntting tillngs over
thre isn't a nianager it America who has
*llthing on Fred (I. ('inniii Htis Two
ili    ililti  lictlad 011ived  il
Ti;t .n T i ure untly    iefore  te
iouisesnenger fouild Otit Inc wits plliving
I shew. Conrad's ofice does tine allvan1'ce
ienit's woI snd witlh  ttnumerous letters
i the ontir; hote anIillgt- and an as-
rignlment' of piper fine ile( biit bolirda the
local mnagIr till habore~d under thle im-
irion tit 11e was Plalying a Iecture
enUree 0ntertainint tluItil the members
of the comitinv alighted fromtnilte train.
Thesheriff of the county was too smart
to be fooled. LectLrers niiy apponir there
Without liollso hu  tie did not rteaIn to
lit a trone get ot so elsily. Ile came
tn the nor with a ehargeof $2 for liense.
It tohi Cwonililctr          ticke'ts to
Sillretueo(,ffl(,ir of tinelaw.
Fistic Notes.
.1,151s j. jffris is snii tn ilye ri-
cori" week: at tine -l'gwlliii
Jnies J. Corbnett is matking a hit ill
Faoing tle Msic, 1ow onl its wny back
Oscar ITTanerstein sa's he can lick any
toes newspaper repoIors in New York.
Arnold Dal is scoring a suiccess with
The Strn   Peolie at tihe Grand opera
hous5 is Ciiingo.
Ten Joyous Things.
There al"e till fliings for which an ad-
tane igr t ias thver yet beel     sorry.
They ae
I. For holding an aingry tongue.
2.Fortaill    awvay nfrom  bar rooms
roa.  .o r `
. For ittillg instructions to concel La
Prosse -'i
V'or 0It hiiig fi' first train out of
1 Stragitsville, Ohio.,
For l iin11 tl  stret car conductor
nliSS hini wen01 talkill u) fares.
Fl   r FI il illg  Iss of beer for
Siviii wasll aer- mutchn fantiglied.
. tFor iiertitinig a    scrowd ill a hotel
'lie wit the meiiis i his show.
t. For rocilin  hi s;llary Promptly
on tie tdey that it is dile hin.
Three girls who said they belonged to
the comilp;ny presenting Ti1e Judge, the
(iiiladthe Wise Guy, enused a colmmlno-
lon il the '-turnet ntil at Sioux Falls.,
S.l D, wIell Pesed for payment of thneir t'Ilhe tio hI but eight cints. They
ti)id tol mniI er iof the company sent
m    ther InI told them   to await his
W     It sa Boh'emian? .,,,
t   Ii t"  IInin n.  ncard 11- to   n lor
Who deael oI    'ut 1'    illon "ii  annu

Win Pll Scott was i actor?
When toriace Herbert was a star?
Wien .lack Barrett was a heavymian?
Wh'entard & V okes did la Chinese act?
TVhen Charles Andress owned a circus?
Whet Malttie Chate was in repertoice?
Wlhin A. M'ilo Bennett was an tictor?
Whn Dave Livingstone wis a cowboy?
1Vhnen Ada J-wel was a dranatic wot-
When Vic Hugo made side show open-
xWieii .. M. utatthews had a red amuis-
xiin Nat Goodwin married lls first
When Me Rainl played The Cla-
TVhin isLow Graham Iegtan to take on
When    Jrry  Dailey  presen'ted  the
"Govrnior"' With a Pullmnnani PlIlace Car?
'hx n Co''il Lainlii was wsith Vard &
x1II C. C. O'Donnllli ran fur inayor of
WhVlen Arthur Thotmas manaiged Richard
TWhen Billy Clifton ws in opera in New
Wien Ruby Ray wais it the Gaiety in
London ?
Whi-n Fied Bock stirred in Monte
''ien George King was vith In Old
When Alex Spencer had IT'Irich's cave in
St. Louis?
When 1Ed Rowland wais with A Soap
When the World's Greatest shows went
(nn rails?
T'hli Jack Mellon plhyed l.ittl' Lord
1Yhon Elsa Rn'n ll was willi .TS-io Him-
st-lle in stook?

Vhnen Carl Laemmle was a voter at
When Chris 0. Brown was with the
Vhite Tops?
When Nellie Revell told "futures" on a
circus lot?
W\het Harvey L. Watkins helped to boss
tlhings with the B. & B. troupe?
t 'iien Billy Vogt was in the Ringling
ticket wagon?
Wh a oary Lee exploited Cyclo-homo
fi Ciciago?
xVhen John Calvin Brown was a broker
ii Chicago?
xhen Chris. 0. Brown was with the
W\'ile Toils?
'hl Jale Steriad worled n a Iplow
fM;tourv it Racine?
When Kerry Meagber managed a cir-
cus advertising car?
Wxhait Slay Clark 0. K.'d tine Barnum
& liiil-v feed bills?
xWh n tilly Dunley was hli timp tin
WihelilIntns Greve was an di-signer for
The 0Courier?
Wiii . Jacki Welch was w\-ilh ''he' E-l
100011~i Brown?
wihen Jimmie Greer was office boy for
inrry Powers?
'hen A. Q. Scarnmon wits agent for
Thi Two Johns?
Th  n  May Smith Robbins was the Star
of Little Trixie?          w
When Tack Fleming phyed the tramp
l In Louisiana?
ih'len Htubert Labadie was with Tine
Psr of   olllev?
Wh  Billy H1nderson was an theatrical
icit ill Chicago?
xh    Arnold wolford was aI sm1ggler
ill the high grass?
1Ii-wn Ollie Et-kert was in the Anerient
Iik   inl St. 1.ouis?
USYiu-in  ilg;I  x'ine  uni 1 t(u  So1uhrt1hI
iu Iind 's  'inld?


. ..                           DAY-
O       W
LOUIS  DRESE                      EVATNNUA
rte,  /ne,                      'c
I remember you,                       I don1't Care, I don't enre,
Honest, deed I do.                    They can't well upbraid me
For the very thing that made me,
You used to be in vaudeville,         For it's rare, when niy share,
And have a good place on the bill,    Of applause is not the equal
I roineaber you,                     Of the early acts and sequel.
And Mister Norworth, too,             I don't care, I don't care,
You now inust use your splendid art,  They believe my song is on the level,
For something lilke a charaeter part,  TPlait I commune with the Devil,  .
Put they11 remember you.              But rally, I don't care.

S COO          J
~ K~ .,.r~"  OHNRi(n

No. 5
1VIhen El ,indersOnl wANsi ;Iaral
wkith  a  repertire  sh1,owN,?
Ihteli D). i. Russell wlis mna1l11ger of
the11 Groat Not I irn Iheater?
When Fol (Bob) Gennette wiasn itdvanec
agent for Lnabadie's Faust?
IIien Bet TWhitney was usher in his
father's theter ill DPetroIlt?
Whe~n I illion" Mor0timer Wa L'With Hut.',s
N iiW York thoater company?
TlitI0 Shildon Lewis ias witli tine  if-
Stock in St. Louis?
xWtntui feige Filer wias snbrlti willin
IIrlY Dol i'llrker in ltine w55i't?
hiletn 1id "Ilter a1dvised tile puli' to
kiee  its eye oil iim?
\Vtien Edward 'arsh phlied tine Nortii-
wN-stern Mulsic Tiall in) chin.*Io?
1When Georgc \ca'is a Chicilgo news-
itliner reporter?
51l-iDiise 51 itt asas troaiciirer of fte
Adam   ForenaInugh shw
Vhen  Tihomal     cs Micseow
nlent for Robrt Downi1    s advance
\)ell     s   IAI    N1  I  pnilnoneid  at tie
'inlterl' ll  Sinoas  B;1lit?
When John Hfolhmdarrl
ninStrJls to  huh linni arraige  for tlii
When C. Joy Sm       hl  i tne bilck
lu-u lnet   A Ttiukti Enttln?
When t. Vitor Leightion diShid up
sn at a Syracuse reAttalurant?
"oihen Olior Dod Byron wis withi tin'
illiginal"  omPlIny in East Lynne?
teln  Ati. 0. TIrkington retelived tine
telegran Itatil g that Ine was a father?
xx-te0r to   .  TIniunt ri;n a Isvery burn itn
Wltoswn' N. Y.?
wiIhll Freia ilie wvent to dentalI college
tl DoeIanley?'g
sit' Gn -ollge C. Tuelt r resolved to
stick to tine live one?
hIen Mxajor Gordon TV. illie as a
school teacher in Okahonil?
When Clarles Binardwas treasurer of
ft'( Waiter L. Nalum  sinosv1'l
w en it  ilrrison opened his di;,-
1PIldli stoe in Sea ttle?
When Kohn!     Middietonl's dime mus-
an wvas 0on of Cicgo' sihow places?
'roe brld Buchan   n  butted into the
TWhen SIencer Deluvlin groomed  horses
Ill a Jales-lie Iivcm' banni
xhna Rhnoda Royl was a ciris sta-
p boy?
TVin Jin Jordan sold "sixties" with
thne Buffalo Bill show'?wt
When C          ho. Cody played "opery  holuses
in the tank towns?
When Tom Rlankine studied the Bits-
Sran inguage?
When Delavan (W'is.) was tine Westerln
capital of tine circus wvorld?
hVten Punch Wheeltr wis not plYing
hinself TIp in the Public prints?
litehon  Sam Miteclacen   Checied  til
lographs  iti the Ritnglin1g sihow's
When Capt. FIalnk  Vilson llndlid the
Press for -thetVen Big?
TVnhen MAT:rtin Do-ns became a cireius
x"'1t0eiT. Ne\"isn Dosvwls w'115a telegrli
opnerator lil Miarshiltiiti  ras'nP
Xx'tnln IisnIn-:1 P. Glon-er Wi'as rirannati,'
-ritie o a Chingo newspaper?
When TWillard D. Coxey wrote copy for
TIe Chicago Journal?
When Join Rilglilg plrchased his first
TWhen -lames  p. Barton was a circus
ticket sellor?
flTlen Hfenrl'y Ringling wan ianager of
ti John Robinson shnow?I
xfhen W. R' . itacdoinald was seretlr
onf ine  , &B. shiowa?
w'iiu-tn Ctlles Seele' vent to Austiln
slithinll(e St-its Bros., l055?
Wh'tien JIC Si-mc  as oiii of tite bynv
as-Iil itit' Bull -RoltuitknsIo~rIis?
Wh11 00l Freellill  ltlt'l  i i1
n ~ ~  ~   ~  , s ooi,   a      in
n       k1 Allthe nrn  the "Bucket of
t  ill  In   North  ,r ]I tr le?
Itn fur DaIvis op'lee fthe first
iu0 ig Iiitr 11 ow 1 in Pittsburg?
\Vwinl nWT IT. MclFailnd introlduced tho
1ilI Inill  Is a sile slow fI;iiture?
I'Itn Jaies J.G'ae sold reanl estate Ill
il Ve'i-e 'xilll.P
i 1i n   it tI osie Bowls 'was press  gunt
1i th B'rilln how?
Wno  Flank L. Perlev   lIandld  tho
lelwspalipers in Boston for tine RinIglilgs?
Xl'1 Filie Arlington nlew lI.S illlli-
oIll iiW  t Blue11 Jeans?
A'heln tPauil D. Ilowse ran a diane mtus-
oum in St. Lois?
Theln David Beohler promoted pulicity'
for the Chicago Opera House?
When   Nobby   Clrk  and Bobi Terry
opened their first big store?
When W. E. FrllI'lnill w;is joint pro-
prietor of a cirrus?
WIhen W. P. Hlall was first stung by
the Offers bee?
'xWhetn tle "big wiIl'" hit the Ringing
show lit Ellsworli, Knn.,and 'xxitz saved
liii  tickets?
hll ii  Tnd.1  If:nmil  w s  n  si ra
Illo      s