Janualy ou, i90


Princess Amusement Company Has Monopoly of Twin Cities and
Alhambra at Milwaukee.

1ilir Chappll, 11l genlial maagerli
11il Figln  ri-rO, wxas inl ChicagoI'
etqll to lIii farixi(Ii to his imother who
wa Is )l; ii'i in (or  tr(ip to 1ip1( 1.
V. F. 3iL1nuti  sais  11mt  his  attractions,
w1hich  rl ,se tt, 'redl ;1ll tg lTe  ma-1 1
ivy, re di iin, a fnoL binesss Next sea-
son h will live filr necw shiows-Tai'e
Ievil Dian. by .Tilii A. Preston; Pinky.
tlhe Piiliton Girl. M Tried in -aste and
IIer 1)urk \iiringe Morn.
C. IT. M c Kinney c ini into Chicago last'
w\elk fiom  liss PobI Vbite which was oi
tle road only two welxs. He loft Satiir-
lay bilind of T xis .Tiek, which the
Klimil-Gnzzol. columay are seniding ouit.
Ja-ck  Williamis  isu niid  to  lie ding  fairly
will with The Kini of Tmlps. which is
appOiuring in the smiiller one-nights,
C, .xt Smith reports fair business for
A Pail of Country Kids and Sis Perkins,
(lie two shows now in the east under his
Jack Glimos is hack in Chicago after a
short season with Nixon's L.ena Rivers,
which closed recently in Texas.
Ed Overholser, house maniager at Okla-
horma City, went up to Guthrie to see
Thomas P. Gore elected tnited States
Senator recently.
Charles E. TWhite purchased a half in-
terest in the Majestic at Portsmouth, Ohio,
of Sidnov Anderson.
Bod Burrows has purchased the Lyric
at Fromant, Nob.. from Grant Smitlh
''lie )'Alberti Grand  Opera  company
dis-baided at Springfield. Ill.
''ll, IGodley Opera  house  and  hotel
piopertI at Indepelence, Towx  has jlist
hein sold by hIn syndicnte oxxnting The
pron1rti to A. Klimo of Nebraska
1Tuie Shldon, a muembor of the Thre
Twiits coipany xwlo had been ill with
typhoid at Buriligton, Iowa. since Inst
Decebifer, iis reoinid tile company.
The Merry TWidow    drew  the banner
house if the sensoi at Burliniton, Iown.
gettig in tllet, neigl0hborbood of $2,000 Ct
one perfornanec. The house was1 pack( (
nd min people wero turned away, t(-
ing unable to get even standing roomn.
Archie C. Cracrft Says the Organization
Is Still En Tour and Prospering in
Middle West.
A\~i-c  C  neaft. aily-ance agent fot'
'   s  Vlsii  11 'iit s  that chat pliII-
Si' lI Int i Id1 liisi-asonais xx'as pril -
l l iit,( 'cliius hiil. q. l~e xwrites
~ie h oloany.'i is still playinug aild still
mtakinug  ney
Mr'. i 1iiI 0 does tiot make it plain
whithir it xwis planued to end the season
and im eitction xis icoisiderd orxh wet-
ori'e other Texals iirganiz;Liot closeI
0 (hi11 ; 'orrespondent got confused willh
this on(e. The item came to this paper
niii  i ' atrespondoni a(1 a person con-
toctiil wxithi another company  playing
Texas xwas qioted.
At any event the TVestern Texas is
still OIi tourand aippears at L~eavenworth, Suindix  going to Atch~ison,
Feb. 1, and to St       . Joseph Mo  Fel. 2 ard
Soth Pend, Ind., Jim. 27.
1:-' I Lx'itort got hirto trolile heNKE '
la[st ixeek, heilic chlig'd xxith cultl at
fourteen year Old girl from 1mmei. ITe ili-
("Is  )it I i -  l  v ills c 1  'tresiotlilii
withi thle girl xxas :in1 1h0(10rble otle, aii~
that his s)le pat >-' fil xxritihig liet' xxas
toi get  liii  ;I 11   I\   l
Georgoe  Gordon, reeoitly  iiunner if
.J:,Itn Eci''. for Roxx'la:ind  &  Clifford,
1ellei a  )ia TiThorne emonpu .nt Mo-
fine', Ill., last Sanix'(Il njighit. 'Tile rostlI
is: iage Gordloi, militalcer; Flnl  C.
1Ild-i.    liint, I  I iidse  iMatdestt
liexoro. Ilillian Dex ero. Sheoridlin ixi
lnol. Throuns W. Keny. Tra Tlorring. AV.
If. Nernyo ad 11arry Wa lker,
Flaming Sword Broke Record.
Boulder, Colo., Jall. 21.
'Thel(, Temple theater under managenent
of (. E. Mleott lis reopened wxxitl lilgl
'liss 'muleille. The Empire theater has
'hantged hands. oppening Jai. 25 is the
Flry,''linid theat'r. wxith A. .T. Braden as
Manager. The Curran opern hou  (R. P.
Penney, ingr.), had The Flaitng Sword
(1intiticnailnd evening. Ein. 1R. and it broke
the ihotise t'ocord.-TIEDFORD.
Premier at Trenton.
Trenton. N .T.. Tan. 27.
h'li (lill from Rector's, an adaptation
of Pierre Yoller's Fr-iel nox'l. I0oute. 11N'
P:iil  Mr.  1'olt',I  iilli'  iif  the(  Qleill  ,f
tile  'iiiliui  Riouge.  xxill  luzix'  il's  (l(Ionie(r
i-re Friday exli ill, 29.-ST    VIN-
Hortiz Selected for Benefit.
Trenton, N. .T., Jan. 28.
Joseph Hortiz, in Fritz. the 'Wandering
Musician. will give one performance for
the benefit of the Covington Pleasure club,
at the State Street theater din'ilg the
week of F'brairy S. STEVENSON.

being a worthy stie'ssor of A Stubliorn
The Ptincess Amusement Company has
kind of a mionipolx on the Twin Cities
1d the Alhaiia theater at Milwoiuakee
just at present. The Honeymoon Trail
will anpti r at the Metropolitan at Min-
neapolis the first IIf of next week and
The Girl at tlhi IT(o xvill appear at le
'letropolitan  it St. Paul on the same
dates. The two companies will lease 1Mil-
w'aik'e Sunda'N on the same special train.
The List half of the week the two shows
will be switched from one house to the
The Gill at (e Holm is at the Alham-
bra at Milwaukee this week. The Ptince
of Tonight will be at the same house next
we'k 'inil Tlie Golden Girl will appear'
there week of Feb. 7.
A StuihboIn Cinder'ella., Western, Which
has not nI' a losingi woi this season, is
it Tos Angeles, Oni., this xxeek and ill
loak t(e seson   tecord if buin'ss
k<  ,  's  Ill  liko  it  In  -In.

Okialuinnl City, Okla.. Jan. 28.
It has been   miinotuced that Jessaline
Rogers will be the liding      'woian for
tie iew 'Metropolitan theater which will
Open iithis citx Sundax niighlt. Sile hais
biien 1i ...iuncod lix criiis to 110 oil0 of
iii' 'l1 S       c lititi'ti' actresses in tie
country. The remainder of the company
has (lot ieti annoticd    The Three of
IT. hitus 1)ien selecte for the openuing 111l1.
Tile comipanx left Newx York city last
SritlitrN' iiiglit til1 ille mi(ngei0(11 of
o'k Elswortri,  ofl the tcinagers of
the ilei' ti  ose autdI  haxe tourel Oka-
llli 'i sl ('11rutle. Ri'lietsls of (hi',

new company liave been il progre ii at
the New   Amsterdain    theater  in New
Itik since Tall. 9.
The best Ieading woman in tle coun-
tr', Itallph St1iit is guoted as saent
wheini tolid of Miss Rogers' contemilateil
move. "'I regret to see Iler loavo New
York and only Nvish I could tell the pio-
pie out tlere   in  Oklahoma   C ity uox'
luicky' (IlON are to etitattit  er'
C. C. Sheldon, maiacitig editor oif Tli''
DoliN' (111iioiaiii lirs ir'signied his pos i-
lion Nvith the 1a1r ai ilhis accepted lie
oiitig'eit Of tle piilinitt depari T
if Ie i, ]iSlt(lotN  theater.-NASB-.

Present Conditions in the One-Night Manager J. E. Powell at Fairmont. W. Va.,
Stand Does Not Discourage This        Indignant When Hard Times
Rapidly  Rising  Firm.                 Are Mentioned.

Tie p0sent cinditins in the -o-iigit
slI;"ds ioes not rs0on to discouino the
Inory Soot coill1nn'. for the ir(ll is to
haxe out        he s rots i(leNt waS0 t Iwoir
tght of tiiekil ib the on-iiglis, tiiless
toiTre should to a    lilge it tie p'iso
AVe haxe io reason to copi lain of th
l11thre  tille four Ma's New H Tusninds
,ti' dirtog,  satl tatmrry  t'litts le "The
shoi's afe nlesig, to.'' lie el frlil a
i~ ~  ~~~~~11d 1at>tc tui li~ss
1wa' tok n dinunier of Next'aper c api.ngs
fron  a  ilgov  tole In hi desk. pr'WInIg
Th res  a  not ieI   froai  the  Chicago
Tihl(1' Ilie  otuseixul. drci'tN' buit lie
took cbr  1 Ftoit read  n    a o rre. TSe it-
rx'i'xx'er eall     siclit of tr   fexx lilihs of
it lia2Piened to re':11 axilil tile articli'
il111011roi ill the Tnlii1. It 1101( of ile(
alnionleoni c0tityli9 ies on I1e  omlp of hn
uTe Tneli, T1e artile plas txn    or
tliuc-e slicks lIlng, 1111 tlie oiiN' v  eferenice
to  ffarry    co'shsloxws NixaIS wh'er'e it
stilted that tile rouite lists shoxi' that
hore ace four e     Ma's Ne  w  Htutids oi
(lie b oaid.
Otsis of this willttlt to  oislead he
seeker after nex's, Mrt. Si'ott xxa~s fiauk-
li-ss ilsl  Ie, statled th ,at wxiule ilusi-
lieiss wx's n (lot nti to fo'n, Or y, illrs 1115 11cm
Ixui s not discotiraged. Next yeai', lie sav's,
llN  xxill liax' txxo I'llillilies (lreseilg
Tile TiIzard of 'Wiseland. a omuieal corn-
elx (Iix'I Ea tice PFilch  1(1(1 T'1arrx' Scott,
fotir comipanies preseniting The Girl- fromi
1'.R.A., three(, of (110(11 ill the oiie-tiig'lts
.n  ono on ciN' tile. oic compan' ii
Th Tli0 111lixr. a, prole11 play'. 0(1(1 txx'o
com aanies   presenting   a's New' IUS-
ha n d,
Sit J. BeSiane. O.sio has log 11rtwo
1witr this firm. hiisl tgo ahead of ote of
the tIVizard of   isolald olpanis Inext
Changes in Merry Widow.
The Merry Wido   v cottony here last
liotIa'  ioe ili  house record foi re-
tcitli s. The s. H. 0. sign wxas tipfor two
days.  $1,428 wxas taikenl in, wh'ichl is $26
hetter thantivx day in the( history of thle
Park theater. Mabel 'Wilbur anld Irene
lorry, of the Eastern comrpanly. joined
the'Western organization Ilere. Rosemary
Glosz, lie pritucipl.l went to the Eastern
company. Miss TWilbur takes the leading
role and Miss Perry the part of the Am-
huassador's wife.-WEISENBTURGER.

Falirmlont, 'W. 'Va., lan. 27.
.1.uiu''  IEF Powell of the Grand op-
eta liousi tiueatetned to ruin ail ageunt out
of toi   xesterday because he insinuiited
(lilt itiies wxere so bard"1' tha~t hiis slOxw
aoaull not ge't uxthig." refrrinii  tle
ioninl  i   le ient t tie locial thieator.
anlixouxe raxint felt tie teard times
1 Nin Pow Poweli.  I hav ndo 10 t-
5011 tio cwlnhin of the butsitiess IiN' house
Siin U    fket is all of the big srlos Thae
Iast i ur   A  ni  hft tadan  Dautterf
llp'Ilcnfi Iie toi $1C.0  niuid a fewx xx'eel s
ilTue Follies if1907 ud $110   gss
ra intk iTl 10     t   of the Cic ouu r Tid
800 ilo is the Sonigi andareturn date
li 111011 1m aiigel.  Muster Bloxx'n did
SohPul 1ond gt $411, The Rn-
aiaigh i stll,  hd siihl siiws lihr 'e
iad hoses raning ivong betxeeoon $120
and $i50x
ptninni  Potr oll uh j odge  splHdit at-
1(n' atiins 10.,hed  amog th0t airls, wPie
wi'lut fui A     Knigt for a   aly .
(Iiit'asl'  Plkll of thel Circus, Til i 10(
ouild lo .-DiiusN  St'ouigE lirt .(1  The
'Phitie if -.
South Bee  id n.   TR
IW. B. I-Toy. formerly maager of Tile
hidght Boll,  tho 'as t lhrged  ixithi
asunttzzltug 25 from Ec'In el. he. as told
iu these cutu0un   00s sONr'haiIeeks ago,  tas
reholisd deftor stheiidi  nd' six  relks i p:1n
hleridile trial. Thle juulgoc said I-IN-tI haid
heoue onilbo eough. I-ot said  bi as
witl ut fun ds i11  did ot knoxt ohut lie
wxoiuld ilo.-D1TNKT.E.
Opera Houses Burn.
Leovenxor . in., Tan. 28.1
The Orplwiet theauter. located In thep
heart of thic buusiluiis district of t1hic tity',
ois guto & ri fire rocutol. The Tlloss
usostinila'd aIt6115000ahubout ha~lf lie ttll
ofle of treltlbyiTV. of thi
Stlruch, iVuish., Jan, 22.
Fire destroed   tile Cinderella  Oper:i
ousen, o ncd by F, pt Rogers, aid bleht
last Jtine at a cost of $,500
S outb Bend, Ind., lan. 28.
Cohlan & Iharris wxill prodtice The 'Walls
of 'Wall Steo  hy 'W. A. Itte'rire, of thIs
c'ity'. The NOeights, another play- from his
pen. hlas beoen accepted Ly Dax'id Be-

A Stubboin Cindeiella, the I-ough, Ad-
imis and Howard musical comedy wich
Ias iet  ith such remarkable success at
tlhe Ptincess, opened at the Broiilway
theater in New York Monday and ni'ices
fromn 'M(ort Singer, Joseph E. 2-ixard,
Frink Adams and 'Will Ilough say tit
it is sure to be one of the succ'esls'iS of
ti Broadway season.
The Honevnoon Trail, wliieh has loen
at lthe Princess for some time, closed Jan.
26 and that theater will be durk until
Feb.   l when the new offring,. The Pince
of Tonight, will lie produced. The new
musiial conaedy xxill be giyen a week's
trvout it the Alianila at Milwukee be-
fore it is seen in Chicigo aid the first
porrorll anc on anx s tce will taLe place
Tan. 31. The cast will include Hcnry
Woodruff, Hlalry    ileer. Bert Baker,
Adole npwllntd. Fiali's Demoarest and
ronrgin Caine.
Perry . Kelley, who is the right hn IiI(
malln of th Singers, stili  Tuosdly t1hat
li   ew  tie  I  o iii  ll  l1e  earmarrhs  of


Ella Mtrsihll lins joinil Ill s1k com.
toqny at tile Pooplo's inl C11i-:igui.
Ifarry Keenan closed] as leainug mn
ofill(aetN stock atGaleslurc, Ill.,stud
Gus Arthur is Ills successor.
Joe Tininger's stock compiny turned
people away    at Menominee, MiII. ,one
iuighit recently.
Earl Stirling, of the College theater,
ini Chicago, is writig ii stor of great
players with whom   he has ied in the
last fifty Years.
Manager Koenig, of the L%ri ,Mine.
apolis. will put on the Europeiii rodue-
tion of Solome with the Lyric St hk com-
allny in the near future.
George Drur' Hart has gone I( Okla-
loula City tn join the new sto 1,  (pan
at the   Metropolitan  thor.I I0 will
alternate the leading and the ],1% roles.
Jane Gordol, wo110 recently linsil wit
Mlaude Adams in Nexw York. will iin the
L,'ric stock  compian'   at  Minnr npolis.
She is a very clever a-oman and lias been
with Mansfield, Sothern and Mahrinwe.
TV'. J. Gilman, who promotel tle eree.
tion of thie Grand. at Vinnilcg, r.lnsda.
has wNitlidrawn from  the entil  se an(
A. Lando. stage manager of tlh stock'
company, is now general manager.
It is quite unisual to lcar that a citi
thent r  had  dispensed with Saturda
matibes, but that is what has be-n don
ilt tIle Valein theater in Frison. Mati-
nOs are now given on Tednesday an
Sunday of each week.
Laura -Winston, who has hl  , it Iioyn,
Olga. ill a The Devil companti. iald Itl
Iurwood stock company at