Last Week's Meeting was Largely Attend-
ed and Finances are in Splendid
Last week's meeting of the White Rats
was largely attended and B3obby Gaylor,
the newly appointed Chicago representa-
tive, stated Monday that everything was
runiig in ni'e order and that the financial
I iiuns since he took charge were par-
tiitr y encouraging.
harry Mountford, who was in Chicago
for lel is onl business connected with
the( White Rats left for New York Tan. 21.
Edwin Keoigh and company appear at
then Star and G1arter next wveek as an
extra attraction and have four weeks
with TIrde & ehman, going to Pitts
burg and then to New York. The an-
nouneement that the act would be a
feature of the White flat show at
Denvser next week was primature.
Gus Lavender. formerlv of Lavender
Thompson, who    has been   nicknamed
'Poll" liv his White fat friends, is in
town aind is sporting a new overcoat.
Maximillian has just returned from Hot
Springs and is now in the pink of condi-
lion. Tie and George T.avender are said
to be preparing a double specialty which
will be a hummer
Aithur Blorveis came in Monday from a
hunt naor his home at Fargo, N. I. On
his return heo layed a few weeks of Sulli-
vnII & Ponsidino time. Bervies looks fine
after his stay in the northwest and was
given a hearty reception in the White Rat
office Inst Monday.
The denth of Harry Conlin appears in
another place.
On Maclh 2 the White Rats of Chicago
will hold their first annin hall at the
Sherman house and it will le conducted
in tie same way that the one was in
New York. The actors and actresses aT-
oearing in tie citv that weel will attend
in the costumes used on the stage.
The first White Pnt eompany sent out
from Chicng onened last Sunday nigit at
the Cu'is ii Denver aind reports recived
li F. M. Parnes are to the effect that the
biisiis ws good aid the show pleaing.
The seonid Wthite flat eomnaoy to hie
wiganizcd here will love for Denver anl
non at the Curtis Tan. 21. TIe Pendle-
t  t'luxton lietn"'Id &  C. Tl11
Senlsationatl Otivers, Rflnoi S& GIralt
:1-1 Mahel 'Inssiday imake on the hill
The stuow for tie seook of nFe0. 7 will
itudle: -Williamu JT. McDermott, 'Mr. -anil
Mlrs. Mail c'w's. Douglas & Dougls. row-
ionn & St. Claire. and the Gnne III   1nnel
Cl'ioed  predominates iI Ih,
hill this weel. Ttoer are fim au- ws \I
can biest le described as noniseinsiiat 1
aets whieh are musical. one iin! a tii
act and the other a singer. The t1t
sings negro songs which are not duevid
if eomedy.
A visit to the Olymnic this week men a
a long laugh. You will laugh at the ,x-
traordinary juggling feats of Pollird ainM
at the conedy he so eleverly inter-
Ites. TI is seldom that one sees T
feats eoialle'  whicth he  aecomnlisi
with ease. The nt is never tiresome ;!-1:
nways entertaining. You will be cnmi0>
at the tiano piaving of Mr. and 71la.
Tfarry Clarke. They norform on those i-
struments to the satisfnetion of ni-i
lovers and to the suIrnrise of those wt"-
have never seen the others in the sneI
tine. Mr. and Mrs. lnrauke do not suffer
from a comparison with   other artist
You will Inuga until your sides nt1w
at hig fat and jely Tom WTelch anid ii
the btashall game in which Sig Metlyll .
El1 MoTrose assist. You menv he sur-
prised, if you are in the hait of seeintz
vnleville nts. to entll an nrobatic aot
in 'oe' but it is Mresentel there and tho
artists do not appear to be cramne for
room. You will litre Elizn.hth  Murmiv.
who slins Trish nr Negro dialect songs
in her own hiiitable way. You will Inuh
and annlatid, and enioy every number she
renlers if vn are human, and sound in
mli'd and body.
But the quintessene of your delight will
le reached when the Four Rinnos come
on. blit as thov recentlv anneared at an-
other theater the nt will not he reviewed
here. You will wonder where the comedy
is to ome from when Fred Tarren nl
\1 Blanctuard come on the stae and will
took again at your nrogram to see that
\0u read tie line aright. "comedians whe
an einied(."  True one of them  is in
bl-,ofoee but lie does not look  funny
while the other one Inoks as serious as
lrving Too when called to play a part on
short notice. But tthev do comede when
thov get started and before their act is
half over you are Iughing at and witti
The afterpioe. Frenzied Frolics. n1sr
trovides mIueli comedy. You miss the on-
nortinities which Trew Sullv should Inave
boin more liberal in providing  Kntbryr
Rowe Pilmer, vou may find it barl to
iughi at Gus Weinburg, but vou will dc
it for the nreceding acts have nut you ir
the laughing humor. All in all, the skil
will please you and as you leave the nlay-
house you are apt to nudge your frienc
in the side and remark that you had
good laugh-E. E. M.
Joe Tinker Is to be starred in The TTomi
Run, by Joe Pilgrim. and the coo-pan,
-ill onen at Racine. Wis., Feb. 7. It wil
later he seen In the melo-dramatic house!
of Chicago.


T                      n       p       LEAN AND HOLBROOK
C"A(         f                           TO GO IN VAUDEVILLE.

seen at the Acadlely nii'xt siaek
h'le IHinegilde will ie produced at the
Sti'u]e'hak''r next Siuidaty evening.
Lillian Russell will filllow The (irts of
Gotlburg at tite  inaois, opening Feb.
14 in Wildfire.
Col. TAV. H. Johns'i, manager of the
Colonial of Kailamuzoo, Mdich., was in
Chicago ist week.
The Stiudebaker t1lit   i sonis oet riii-
eliglulthed press work oi'oasiotually wichl
it is impossible to read.
William  v0trnum   comes to tte Stude-
baker next Sunday in The Renegade b v
Paul Armstrong.
F~C~uiiS E.i Reidis maiii the city in alt]-
vane of    nRiii Dres  who opens at Post-
ers Feti. 1 in Jirk Stiriaw.
Pilipl Solikes soul of (tts Soilke, was
broulghti Ill (1Li  i Iits ws'eek fromi Ra-
line irolegI',. aiiiI rii froml ap~ueui'iitis1.
Theveilinglimail will undilergo :In eperation.
Josepht Kings East I yiiii sall hue the
iattictioti ait It', ('ituuitiiis thoatot- thel
stoR of Iin. 'It anid tella Rlivers comoes
to thtaouimse as'ceh  of Feti. 6.
'ile Pince of Swvindlers, its foitr licts
itid nineteen scenes-, unider the mntage-
19~                     .' -

in Jack Straw at Powers. next week.
ment of A. H. Woods comes to the Bi-
jou next week.
Richard Carlo canie in from  the one
night stands and witnessed The Girls of
Gottenburg at the Illinois last Sunday
Several members of The Fair Coed.
The Strong People, and The Golden But-
terfly coiapanies sasw The Girls of Got-
tenberg at the Illinois last Sunday nig-t.
Aaron J. Jones, accompanied by Mrs.
.ones. wsill sail for Europe shortly and
thely will spend two months in Paris,
Btrlin. Lnudon antd at Monte Carlo.
The Newly Weds and Their Baby did
$11P) more Inst Suiay than the show did
at the opening performances at the Audi-
torium Tan. 17.
Gus Sohlke, general stage director of
the Whitney forces, is still with A Brok-
en Idol atnd it is said hue is due for a
puolonged stay with this, his latest pro-
The scenery used by the Soul Kiss com-
pany was censored    recently and   the
United States government took a hand.
ordering the "money scene" taken off of
the scenery.
Hanntiah Cohen and Mollie Levey, who
left School Da's when it was at the
Great Northern. have been in the city
since that time. They are preparing to
open in a vaudeville act.

G'ili  slilff. hit  llS  Ioi\  al d l thitlll
Trilling , who loft Gus Edwiards' School
Datys at 1 ittshilrg recently, arie flow ill
CliNgu on 1    \'ie iiiieS' it this offce
Ilist Motadny. The vounlg Milei have st'-
titrodit a-andevile etagelient.
Messenger Bey 42. sate   has appeared
in Chiago on several different occasions
this season, will be the offering at the
Alhambra next week. It is Never too
Late to Mend is underlined for week of
Feb. 6.
There is no talk of a new production
for the TVlitney and from  the crowds
that gather at that cosy little playhouse
none will be needed until A Broken Idol
is called awav owing to a previous en-
-ggetiett it Boeston.
Wluor Whiteside     is completing his
eleventh week ii Chicago.  e was at the
GThtild three tveos and this makes his
eighth week Lit the Chicago Oper  ouse.
There are no   signs as yet of the end
iif the run and George Kingsbury thaitiks
Ihie chances are good to duplicate the
siteess of The Man of the Hour.
'Thie bill at the Coleimi thus week in-
eludes: H. V. Fitzgerald, impersonator:
Florence Stanles- & Co.. sketch; Samuels
& Chester, Italian impersonators: Leonni
& Leoni. aerin performers; Marion Gil-
hey, vocalist: The Dalvins, Oriental jug-
glors. and Waiter Fleming, crayon artist.
James S. Hutton has returned from
Norfolk and, Richmond. Va., having con-
uluded his engagement with    Marchesi,
thie great Italinn singer, and will take tip
his duties as director of publicity of Riv-
erview park again. It is interesting to
note that be is the first mal ever invited
to fill that position two consecutive sea-
sons at Riverview.
One of the most stuceesfil engagements
ever credited to a Cliongo theater Will
come to a close on Saturday evening
when Elsie .Tanis and ler company board
a sectn train for New York, where The
Fair Co-Ed will be given its first eastern
presentation on Monday evening at the
Knickerhoellr theater. 'Flue long rtn just
ending places the Steudebiaker on an en-
vialln footing among Chicago theaters,
ia in the mntter of capacity crowds.
Mis  Janiis and  er ientertaining college
pilyi have tottebed the highest record and
oversteopped the  videly heralded crowd-
drawsing offerings of previous seasons.
ThAmiennil'u Music Hall was crowded
;uichit o'clock Monday night by a fash-
iiahily resed aludieince to witness a bill
which didl not prove to be overwhelningl'
meritorious. Itndeed. those who arriveda t
tlie Oiening louur rather felt that thsir
corning might profitaly' have been de-
linvd  forty-five  minutes.  There was
noting remarkably new or ntoel in th
horizontal baraiverk of the Fortune Bioth-
u-us and the ennedy was not decidedly
-Inlmiual. to judge v the reception record-
'1 the aet. Gee. TWilson spilled some of
his own best lilaek face humor by sub-
'titutini his laughter for tht of the aud-
iones. His jokes were rather risque. anO
n certain nortion of the natrons enjoyeit
tlhemua on that neeount. His song was in-
elined to s'oil the good effect of his mon-
ologue work.
Manutel Romaine & onany furnished
an not of singing and dancing with a lot
of ineffectual linlngu thrnwn in for ex-
tra measure. The    idienee liked  tb
songs and some of the dnncing, but ths
dialogue failed to anneal and the acting
was voted nimateurish.
Willie Hopne provided the first realli
bright snot on the bill. -Tis work at thi
tilliard tabule brought forth great applaust
even from those who had never nlayed
tle game, but who could not fail to np
preeiate this cleverness of Hotope's cut
The interlocutor with the act was nol
always convincing but tbo work of Hopp
was overwhelingly brilliant.
Inconito. who was not down on thi
trinted nrogrnm. because of her reteontior
nt the lost moment, repeated her bit 0
last week.
TVilliam Courtleigh and company prover
a hcnvy weichit number, making tip fo
any shortcoiings in the bill previous to
its annonrance and outweighing in many
respects all other numbers ombined .
Afteri the intermission Felix and Carrn
made a wonderfol hilt, being forced to on-
tirly cxhiaust their repertoire of clove
imitations. It would appetr that thesi
talented actors might be retainld ind-fi
nately in Chiaogo, suoh great fnvnriteu
have thev heoma w,'ithin the past fort
nilbt iinder the Morris banner.
Mnlide O'Dell and  company   followed
Maide needs neither the comnany nor th
absolutely boneless sketell to furnish at
anology' for the exnosition of a form s(
divinelv perfect as her own. It was v'er,
ovident that the audience wanted to si
more of her and less of her   company'
Tle skit neither adds to her charm no'
does it emniasive her figure ha' its coni
trst in luarmonloeus lines.
Emma Carus was retained for a secpond
week and proved her own true self, at
ideal entertainer.
The Apache Dance was also retainel
and provided an excellent closing number
Taken as a whole the bill was highl
satisfactory since it left a eood impres
sion upon the departing audience-rathe
a trick of managerial arranglement that
the influence of consecutively talente
numbers.-W. M.


A Girl at the Helm Closes at La Salle
Next Sunday Night and The Golden
Girl Comes Feg. 15.
Th'l inn of The Girl at the Helm it the
la Salle will come to 11n cd next Sunday
light and the theater will be dark until
The Golden Girl opens there Feb. 15.
'Flis new musical play will be produced in
MilwutikeeFeb. 7.
Cecil Lecan and Florence Holbrook will
not he members of tle cast of The
Goldien Girl.  They will enter vaide-
yille. iaking theirefirst appeanraircat th
The east of The Golden Girl will inelud
Iarry Tighe. Winona    Vinter. Tarold
Crane, Helen Culliinn, ,Tames H. Brad-
bury. Tamilton Coleman. Villiam Robin-
son. Josenh Herbert. Jr., Johnny Fgart,.
Zeke Colvin and George dceanrthy. Te
oatJ important member of the prese
companri who will be in the nes   oastiu
Tames H. ridlen. Those at whose de-
parture the faithful patrons must weea
re Cecil en.P Florence olturnk. L
Kolulmar, Carolyn Lilja and Eleanoer Kent
Joe Palmer Ill.
Toe Palmer. a well known vaudlevil
and burtnsoe actor is ill with locoints'
ataxia at 482t Prairie avenue, this elt
As soo as his friends heard of his Tire-
dicamenit. great sympa)thIY for him waj
exp-resed. Gee). P. Mllrphv. German Stilt.
odiaiii with the NelyWeds and Thi,
Baiby, now plaa'ing ai three wek'en.
gagemnt at the Auditorium, however
was thue first to offer a piractical slugges-
tion. Mr. Murphy not only starteda sub
serintion fund, which already tounts t
a neat sum. but he pronoser a henet-
for the stricken notor and p1nas to the
end are now ranidly' progressine. Friend,
of Pler who desire to reach him shoe]
pardross him  as nor street and numl-
above coentioned. Actors now Iii 'lhieua
who wish to dlonate their services at t1
hbnofit may adress Mr. Mirnby in i'r
of  the  Auditorium   or   TITE  SHOV
Tirl Gnblill fornurIs with the Bufful
Dill Wild West. is now in vaudevills wit
a pnsin' act. in whitih three nosean:
e'nloved. Ho 1s keon in il"en somi
time. hit left Mondav mornin for Sp-
kane. 'Wsh.. where the    act erns P
eight wveks' engagerent oi the Pnter
tlime. Thte  ne  inmin to  on on tlb
time is not unusul. althiovnat it us ver
costly in ttiis instance. The iicket fr
encb nerson with the Gabriel nit nst !;
and he bnd lo nound, of excess 1onas
whieh was earged at the rato of 9.8t
llndred. Gabriel's act is a ni'W ot. I
V5 2ivon a trvblil at the nTivic rket
Clitgo whelre, he sass it ascii *1ig.
If there were only some one iting abr
The Girls of Gottenberg to stinnd outdi
tinctly in memora' folks would lonve t'
theater claiming it was the0 hst musi
comedy witnessed in a Inng time. As
is the man who isn't satisfied with t
George Edwnrdoes' nroduction as Amer
canized b Charles Frehmani itanat hoti
tic has seen so many shows that lie isI
in the humor to be nleased] no mat
ws-hat the manager might offer.
The   London   company, with   sever
Americnn girls to imnirove the east. op
ed a throo weeks' engagement at theti
noi theater lnst qundas- ninlt anda.
withstanding the fact that Twill I. Da
does cot ndvertive his theater in itie C1
can Eixaminer the house was riwdefl
There Avere three scenes in the nro
tion. Two scenes= make un the openi
act nlthngh the first one Is rather an1
troduction to the nhny for thir' is re1
a ploti and it is based upon n tplay pr
sented in Germany.
The leadincomedy role is in tbeh b
of James Blakely. an Engli-i mmiedli
'T(e is a barber with a fondi s for n
venture. and representing lii1Self as
onvov of tho Kaiser, he removes a re
ment, of soldiers to Gotteneir 'l when
military denartment has meant to reti
them  at Rottenber. TTe oenmies bn
sef to itie hurgomnster's daughiter w
arriving at Gottenborg to nronori fort'
-oninlig of the soldiers and I, 1,h I
Tanise Dressor. who has thl  -10 oft
br'no  ctor's dansiter. is lft ti Ii
parts of the comedy.
'Trn- Nanidai'i. who sbnS the 1vle of1
general's aunghter, seemed to 1C till f
orite amo e  the  omen  with  S1i
"it's audience atletugh one of
Dnressor's songs was ann'idred 1  t
onthisinsticals' fromi the efalloei fit
had to confess that she had siif all
it tlia5 she k nei'. Aimee  riffeleete11-
-1e cri'inuall ptavod ha- Gertio 3TilIPr
Yew York and inleased wit 11r (Ion'
lie did not giae Ill- nart tl  wolminen
it would seem  to deservo fl1  t fhi
tht Miss Millar was feototrl
There is a nale chorus         all"del
a'oiees which should lio itl"'l1-10
rector as nrondl as ean I       N
r chorus is always enioed 1bi 1
oveeptionally Lord and wh     Il  t
damin san' with an qcconn, iinri o
these soldier boys Esle  fairs  brett
down the house.-E. F. M.