Visual display of the The Longridge collection of English slipware and delftware

SLIPWARE     ABeverageWares 
Puzzle Jugs 
Actual size 
The Longridge Collection 153 

SLI PWA RE    ý Beverage Wares 
                 Puzzle jugs 
Probably Yorkshire 
Dated 1774 
H.: 8 3/8" (21.3 cm);                           n body clay, shape,
and slip-trailed decoration, tt 
Diam. (body): 6" (15.2 cm);                   pottery made at Burton-in-Lonsdale,
Yorkshire, but 
Diam. (with handle): 7 3/4" (19.7 cm)         center, it bears an unusually
early date.' 
                                                 The jug's self-identification
as "A/Pusling/jug" hell 
                                              Bjug as an accurate term for
similar gaming jugs ma 
inclusions.                                   (see nos. D298-D303), salt-glazed
stoneware, creamw 
LEAD GLAZE: Overall, excluding bot-           shape this piece draws inspiration
from delftware ex 
tom (with glaze overrun from sides).          from the 1720s through the
1760s (see nos. D301-D3 
SHAPE: Thrown. Tubular handle and 
is puzzle jug resembles 
f it is from that potting 
)s give credence to puzzle 
de in slipware, delftware 
ire, or other materials. In 
aamples, some with dates 
rim with three nozzles. 
DECORATION: Trailed, sgraffito, and 
pierced. Inscribed "A/Pusling/Jug" and 
"The ReverenD/RicharD:NelSon/ 
GrasDaLe/1774." Foliate and floral 
motifs. Neck and rim dotted. Handle 
bears dashes flanked by S-scrolls. Neck 
with pierced triangles and dots (some 
154 The Longridge Collection