Visual display of the The Longridge collection of English slipware and delftware

D371, D372. FLOWER BRICK and 
Probably Liverpool 
1750-1 765 
(D371) H.. 3 112" (8.9 cm); L. 6 318' 
(16,2 cm); W. 2 5/8' (6.7 cm) 
(D372, both) H. (approximate): 
6 1/4"(15.9 cm); Diam.: 3 1/2" (8.9 cm) 
I) 371 1)372 
  he type of ornament on these vessels is comparatively rare onl English
ware and is found (differing in details) on only a few other flower containers.'

Included among them are a blue-painted brick with the same pattern of pierc-

ing; a deeply waisted, cylindrical vase painted in blue and manganese; and
blue-painted baluster vase similar to the Longridge ones in profile.- The
tive motifs on all of these are of Chinese origin, but their semi-trek style
indicate that the designs were brought to England on Dutch deift. Some vases

resembling the Longridge examples (D372) in profile have European building-in-

landscape scenes associated with liverpoolJ 
BODY CLAY: Fine-grained buff, 
TIN GLAZE: Bluish white, Overall, 
excluding (D371, D372 [center]) lower 
edge, (D372 [right]) bottom. 
SHAPE: (D371) Slab-constructed and 
pierced. Three rows of small holes and 
larger central hole in recessed top. Sim- 
ilarly recessed bottom. (D372) T hrown. 
Slightly concave bottoms, one vase 
(center) with narrow, flattened edge. 
DECORATION: Painted. Chinese fig- 
S)ide two of 1) 371  S ide two of 1)372 
ures with plants, rocks, dots, and starlike 
floral))) motifs, )D37]) with repeated end 
panel motifs. (D371) Recessed top bears 
rectangular edge outline and radiating 
slashes around central hole. 
1. Bas ed Ott it, phiered paiteten 0. hte loongridge 
brik at  )3711 is imoire likely to have been inttended 
as at Ibowet holler t han ain itnkst and. 
2. Sot heby's III, 1 ipski sale Ill, Maricht 10, 1981, 
lot 141. ltpski sale 2), November 17, 1981, lot 
278:1 [ipski satle (3) Martch 1, 1981, lot 543. 
3. Archter, V& A, no. 1.19. 
Published: Home, Collectioo. pt. 16, 
nos. 4550 & b. 456. 
The Longridge Collection 413 

D ELF TWA RE Flower Containers 
Dated 1737 
H.: 3 1/2" (8.9 cm); 
L.: 6 1/4" (15.9 cm); 
W.: 2 3/4" (7 cm) 
BODY CLAY: Fine-grained buff. 
TIN GLAZE: Bluish white with portion 
of bottom discolored and with blow 
holes and pits from overfiring. Overall, 
excluding bottom edge. 
SHAPE: Slab-constructed and pierced. 
Three rows of piercings on slightly 
recessed top. Similarly recessed bot- 
DECORATION: Painted. Trelliswork 
ground with, on long sides, superim- 
posed flowers and reserves enclosing 
identical vases. One narrow end reserve 
bears small flowering plant; the other is 
initialed "E" and dated 1737. Upper sur- 
face bears holes edged in small, curved 
dashes; trelliswork with crosses at inter- 
sections of lines. 
Published (one of pair): Lipski and Archer, 
Dated Delftware, no, 1591. 
Ex coil.: J. P Kassebaum. 
This flower container originally was one of an identical pair (for another
see no. D374), and evidence suggests that sets of two vessels of this type
not uncommon.' The bricks display a type of Chinese trelliswork-composed
diagonal lines with superimposed narrow lozenges and sets of four dashes

filling the voids-that was popular on English delftware throughout much of
eighteenth century (see nos. D335, D338).1 No exact match has been found,
the flower vases on the bricks are somewhat like those on 1735 to 1750 tin-

glazed tiles attributed to London.' The floral end panels are somewhat similar

in shape and painting style (especially the foliage) to reserves on 1739
plates.' No other dated brick of this shape is recorded. 
1. The pair is illustrated in Lipski and Archer, 
Dated Delftware, nos. 1591-1591A. For sets and 
usage of bricks, see Archer and Morgan, China 
Dishes, no. 64; Archer, V&A, pp. 360 361; Austin, 
Delft, no. 634. 
2. For dated pieces, see ILipski and Archer, Dated 
Delftware, nos. 1522, 1528 (1757, 1774 tea canis- 
ters); no. 1775 (1768 watch stand). See also 
Archer, V&A, no. 1.7 (c. 1735 brick); Ray, Warren, 
pl 52, no. 100 (c. 1765 tea canister). 
3. Archer, V&A, col. pl. 292, nos. N.259-N.262. 
4. Lipski and Archer, Dated Delftware, nos. 
447 447A: and, for foliage only, no. 449. 
414 The Longridge Collection