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Visual display of the Senator (Packet/Excursion/Training boat, 1940-1953)

Senator (Packet/Excursion/Training boat, 1940-1953)

  • BOAT TYPE: Packet/Excursion/Training Boat
  • BUILT: 1883 at St. Louis, Missouri, named St. Paul; rebuilt in 1903 at Dubuque, Iowa, kept name St. Paul
  • FORMERLY: St. Paul
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Towed to White House, 20 miles below St. Louis, and sunk
  • OWNERS: 1940: Streckfus Steamers, Inc.; 1942: U.S. Coast Guard-St. Louis
  • OFFICERS & CREW: 1940-1941: Captain Edgar F. Mabrey (master), Captain Clarence W. Elder (master), T. Kent Booth (master), Captain Thomas W. Posey (pilot)
  • RIVERS: Ohio River; Mississippi River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 5079; Originally built in 1883, she had the name St. Paul. She was rebuilt in 1903 and maintained the same name until sold to Streckfus Steamers, Inc. in 1940 when she was once again rebuilt this time with the name Senator. In 1941 and 1942 she ran the Ohio River based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Due to World War II she was commandeered by the U.S. Coast Guard for training purposes at St. Louis, Missouri. She returned to the Streckfus family in 1943 and they used her as a floating machine shop and warehouse above Eads Bridge. On January 19, 1953, she was towed to White House, 20 miles below St. Louis, and sunk
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Senator at the Louisville, Kentucky levee with many vintage automobiles on shore
  • Senator (B)