NG292, Figured Relief

  • ca. 100-ca. 299
  • Curvilinear fragment with the main panel depicting the Buddha and three devotees as well as Vajrapān̥i wearing a conical cap with wide brim and high point folded forward. The Buddha, who appears to have been in dhyānamudrā, is surrounded by a body halo on which a halo around his head is superimposed. The three devotees, hands held in añjalimudrā, are also haloed. On either side of the main panel is an empanelled figure standing under a tree, one holding a bowl, the other a wine cup/jug. The cornice is decorated with a row of lanceolate leaves. Two mason's marks are etched on the lower border beneath the figure holding a cup. The top and bottom of the object are flat. Broken in several places. Found near NG293 with which it shares stylistic characteristics.
  • Location found: Level 3, Stūpa 7 W, Floor