1. [Cover]
  2. Principal contents
  3. New iron frame double circular saw-mill. A description of interest to practical mill men--a fine product of the Reliance Works of E. P. Allis and Co.
  4. [Title Page]
  5. A new railway project
  6. Advantages of northern Wisconsin
  7. Trade in the northwest
  8. Insulting Italians
  9. An actress's repartee
  10. The Upper Wolf. Hon M. P. Lindsley's trip to the woods
  11. Business with banks
  12. Soundings in the Pacific
  13. Chippewa Dalles. End of the fifteen years' struggle regarding the improvement
  14. How parliament chokes off a bore
  15. A bath in the Dead Sea
  16. Sporting notes
  17. Watertown. A sketch of the settlement and grow[t]h of the boss bonded city of the northwest
  18. Horse disease in the west
  19. Iron money
  20. Milwaukee and Dubuque. Prospectus of the Milwaukee and Dubuque Railroad Company
  21. Black stains for wood
  22. Decision of the Michigan Supreme Court relative to log running
  23. Lake Michigan and Lake Huron lumber districts
  24. About Placerville, Cal. The Sacramento and El Dorado County wood and timber chute--new diches in El Dorado County--how all will naturally combine into our comprehensive system--gigantic timber resources of the country to be developed
  25. Effects of hard times in London
  26. Inspection law. A bill to amend the Michigan inspection law
  27. Matches to come to an end
  28. Uncle Billy's objections to civil rights
  29. The matter with Munich
  30. Recording votes by electricity
  31. Domestic influence of modern discoveries. Soothing effect of the knife and fork, the hackney coach and a sewerage system upon life and manners
  32. Our forests
  33. Bearings
  34. Philosophy of the welding of metals
  35. Fritz Reuter
  36. A great swimmer
  37. A golden lag
  38. A social sensation in Washington
  39. The business outlook
  40. The progress in logging
  41. New French life-saving raft
  42. Arresting a bear. Novel suspension of the writ of habeas corpus
  43. He finally went. Unsuccessful effort of a German gentleman to beat down a ticket agent
  44. The lumber trade of Chicago
  45. Remember this
  46. Lumbering on the tobacco
  47. March
  48. The lumber firms of Indianapolis
  49. The new Michigan booming law. Text of the bill amending the law regulating the boomage of logs in Michigan
  50. The tunnel under the English Channel
  51. Logging on the black
  52. The Menom[o]nee hunters. To Carlos Wines and Joe. Barber / Thomas, Robert S.
  53. The Pacific slope. An interesting account of the land beyond the mountains--the California redwood--some astonishing figures--50,000 feet of boards made from a single tree
  54. Patents in the lumber trade
  55. Enterprise on a sound basis. Unprecedented preparations for the spring trade--a few words about the staunch old drug jobbing house of H. Bosworth and sons
  56. Alaska timber. Ship building on the Pacific Coast--memorial of San Francisco capitalists to Congress for an extensive rent of timber lands
  57. An outside view. Information concerning the winter's work in the pineries--estimates from each district in Wisconsin--the business out-look
  58. Wood manufactures in Russia
  59. California timber
  60. Farmers' wives
  61. Tweed to the rescue
  62. An old English legal fiction
  63. Milwaukee and Dubuque. Prospectus of the Milwaukee and Dubuque Railroad Company
  64. A free lunch by the Cassowary
  65. The coming prize fight. Tom Allen, of St. Louis, the Champion, and what he is doing in New York--his battles, and those of George Rooke of Newark
  66. Opinions of a Wisconsin lumberman
  67. Have a chaw? No, thank you! For figures won't lie
  68. Always black
  69. A land of stock jobbers. Experience of a New Yorker in the Golden State
  70. A new railroad. A meeting at Neillsville to discuss the project of a railroad through Clark County
  71. Consumption of sugar
  72. Trotting in the east
  73. Lumber market
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