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Varulven. English
UW–Madison TEI edition
Lannestock, Gustaf
Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin–Madison Libraries
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Sandemose, Aksel, 1899–1965. The werewolf. Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press, 1966 (Nordic translation series).

  1. The Werewolf
  4. The Werewolf
  5. The Werewolf
  6. [Imprint]
  7. Introduction
  8. Bibliography
  9. Contents
  10. The Werewolf
  11. Prologue
  12. Alone in her lover’s house
  13. The occupation of Gotland
  14. Felicia Venhaug
  15. The cock under the wash tub
  16. The shadow of the Werewolf
  17. The past is a dream
  18. The story of Gulnare
  19. Until we meet again
  20. Woe unto him who falls into the hands of the Almighty
  21. The myth about Erlingvik
  22. A man without a face
  23. Our own genocide
  24. Destruction
  25. The fear of ecstasy
  26. The boy in the field
  27. Out on the marshes
  28. Put a chastity belt around your thoughts
  29. The game with Dummy
  30. The woman you gave me
  31. The sneer
  32. Aunt Gustava
  33. “Who told thee that thou wast naked?”
  34. The society girl and the tailor’s son
  35. Felicia with the birds
  36. The identity
  37. An approximate nothing
  38. “—or anything that is thy neighbor’s”
  39. Julie Erlingsdaughter
  40. 1942
  41. 1934
  42. The one who wants everything he sees
  43. The underground demon
  44. The Steingrim circle
  45. Until we meet at Erlingvik
  46. Nature distributes her bounty unequally
  47. Et tu, friend Steingrim
  48. Martin Leire
  49. Viktoria Hagen
  50. Delirium
  51. No regrets
  52. Into Felicia’s world
  53. Japanese water color
  54. Vigdis
  55. The dove hunt
  56. Bacchus had no children
  57. A man without a philosophy of life
  58. It happened in history’s depth
  59. Romantic meeting
  60. Alone
  61. When you have taken the Devil for partner
  62. Horns for our adornment
  63. Father and son
  64. “I gave her Helled Hagen—”
  65. The effective ones
  66. Master‐Mason Pedersen’s wife
  67. Some are more fortunate
  68. The Vik brothers
  69. Yo‐ho‐ho, Seaman Jansson
  70. On the dot, the first of each month for thirty‐six years
  71. Millennia’s yoke on our shoulders laid
  72. A sixtieth birthday calls for a luxury telegram
  73. The clock
  74. All roads lead to Golgotha
  75. “With sorrow I lay down, from tears was salt my mouth—”
  76. “I had been told as a tiny maid—”
  77. The promise
  78. What had the forest and the river seen
  79. When Gustav got in the newspaper
  80. A black hole in the ice on the Numedal River
  81. A messenger from Venhaug
  82. The collector
  83. The lightning struck from Venhaug
  84. Eros and the deathwatch beetle
  85. It happened in Felicia’s time