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Proceedings, Fifteenth North American Prairie Conference
Bend, OR: Natural Areas Association
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[4], 255 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm

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  4. The Biosphere Reserve Program in Australia: landscape models for sustainable conservation and resource use / Brunckhorst, David
  5. Preface / McClain, Bill
  6. What people think about ecological restoration and related topics: a first look / Barro, Susan C.; Bopp, Nadine A.
  7. Insect herbivores of 12 milkweed (Asclepias) species / Betz, Robert F.; Rommel, William R.; Dichtl, Joseph J.
  8. Two decades of prairie restoration at Fermilab, Batavia Illinois / Betz, Robert F.; Lootens, Robert J.; Becker, Michael K.
  9. Ecological classification system development and use in Minnesota state parks / Boudreau, Denise
  10. The Biosphere Reserve Program in Australia: landscape models for sustainable conservation and resource use / Brunckhorst, David
  11. Bioregionalism: A state of mind, place, and heart / DePrez, Valerie
  12. The role of grasslands in the diversification of leafhoppers (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) a phylogenetic perspective / Dietrich, Christopher H.
  13. Effects of prescribed fire on snag tree density and quality / Domazlicky, Roy S.; Swartz, David E.
  14. Recent exotic woody plant introductions into the Illinois flora / Ebinger, John E.; McClain, William
  15. Barrens of presettlement Lawrence County, Illinois / Edgin, Bob
  16. Small mammal community structure in restored tallgrass prairie / Falout, Kathleen A.; Nelson, Thomas A.
  17. Ecology of fire in shortgrass prairie communities of the Kiowa National Grassland / Ford, Paulette L.; McPherson, Guy R.
  18. The Ouachita National Forestecosystem Management Advisory Committee: providing a forum for constructive dialogue among interests / Frentz, Irene C., et al.
  19. The historical and present extent and floristic composition of prairie and savanna vegetation in the vicinity of Hamilton, Ontario / Goodban, Anthony G.; Bakowsky, Wasyl D.; Bricker, Bradlay D.
  20. Are bugs endangered? / Hamilton, K. G. A.
  21. Monitoring pale Corydalis (Corydalis flavula) a winter annual / Higman, Phyllis J.; Penskar, Michael R.
  22. Trillium cernuum, the rediscovery of the species and the ecological restoration of its surrounding habitat / Hintz, Tom
  23. Savanna and glade vegetation of Turkey Mountain, Arkansas: effects of a single prescribed burn / Jenkins, Michael A.; Jenkins, Sean E.
  24. Building relationships for ecosystem-based management in the Bitterroot National Forest, Western Montana / Smith, Jane Kapler; Carlson, Clinton E.
  25. A nine-year assessment of successional trends in prairie plantings using seed broadcast and seedling transplant methods / Kirt, Russell R.
  26. Restoration of a bur oak grove / LaGesse, Vernon
  27. Habitat changes and trends affecting selected populations of Sistrurus catentatus catenatus (eastern massasauga) in Michigan / Legge, John T.; Rabe, Mary L.
  28. Northcenter neighbors riverbank restoration project / Leki, Pete; Lanyon, Richard; von Klan, Laurene
  29. Seasonal fire effects on species richness in a mixed-grass prairie of central Texas / McCall, Madelon
  30. The greening of psychology and education / Merritt, Dennis L.
  31. Status of Lepidopterans associated with prairies in Ohio / Metzler, Eric H.
  32. Smooth sumac control with prescribed burning and herbacides / Miles, Katherine L., et al.
  33. Bee visitors of four recontructed tallgrass prairies in northestern Illinois / Petersen, Chris E.
  34. The western region fire monitoring program: long-term monitoring in fire-maintained ecosystems / Reeberg, Paul, et al.
  35. The value of small preserves / Schwartz, Mark W.; van Mantgem, Phillip J.
  36. Integrated control of purple loosestrife in Minnesota / Skinner, Luke
  37. Nineteen years of prairie re-creation at Fermilab: a quantitative assessment / Sluis, William
  38. Characteristics of exotic pest plants / Spuhler, Daniel R.; Harrington, John
  39. Implications of exotic pest plants / Spuhler, Daniel R.; Harrington, John
  40. An assessment of prairie restoration at two national monuments / Stumpf, Julie A., et al.
  41. Restoration of a prairie plant community: help for a threatened species / Thomas, Ted; Gamon, John
  42. The importance of cattle in conservation of dry prairie in Wisconsin / Williams, Andrew H.
  43. Inventory of Onosmodium molle in Wisconsin: historic status, present status and future prospects / Williams, Andrew H.
  44. [Cover]