1492 to 1969
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Adam Matthew
  • European colonial history; empire politics, culture, and society; global studies; Africa; India; North America
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Empire Online spans five centuries, charting the rise and fall of empires around the world. It provides exploration of colonial history, politics, culture, and society. Key features include: tens of thousands of pages of unique primary source material including maps, manuscripts, pamphlets, paintings, drawings, and rare books; interactive chronology and data maps charting the histories and the spread of empires across the globe; an extensive image gallery showcasing the people, places and events important to the history of empire studies. It is organized around five thematically-based sections: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969; Empire Writing & the Literature of Empire; The Visible Empire; Religion & Empire; and Race, Class, Colonialism, Imperialism. Types of materials include: exploration journals and logs; letter books and correspondence; periodicals; diaries; official government papers; missionary papers; travel writing; slave papers; memoirs; fiction; children's adventure stories; traditional folk tales; exhibition catalogs and guides; maps; marketing posters; photographs and illustrations. It offers a global perspective on empire from French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German points of view, as well as that of indigenous peoples from Africa, India, and North America. Material in Empire Online has been sourced from a range of recognized institutions, with a particularly strong representation of documents and images from the British Library.