1450 - 1914
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This wide-ranging collection looks at history through the lens of wealth and trade with a focus on economics, political science, history, philosophy, sociology, and special collections on banking, finance, transportation and manufacturing. In many instances this database has the only known copy of certain works. The 3 collections can be searched together, or individually. Part I: The Goldsmiths’-Kress Collection, 1450-1850 includes major works of many economists, political pamphlets and broadsides, government publications, proclamations, and ephemera. Part II: 1851-1914 is comprised mainly of monographs, reports, correspondence, speeches, and surveys, providing international coverage of social, economic, and business history, as well as political science, technology, industrialization and the birth of the modern corporation. It provides a glimpse into the second half of the 19th century and the global events and crises that were witnessed by those living them. Part III: 1890-1945 includes transnational coverage in an area of political economy, with content covering the First World War, the Great Depression, and the Second World War. Part IV: 1800-1890 covers the industrial revolution, and the High Victorian Era. when the foundations of modern-day capitalism and global trade were established. (Not updated)