8th to 2nd centuries BCE
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  • Early Greek epic poetry
Greek, English, German
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This is the website of The Chicago Homer, a multilingual database of Early Greek epic and twentieth-century scholarship. Except for poems preserved only in fragments, the website presents all of the texts of Early Greek epic (including the works of Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns as well as the poetry attributed to Homer) in the original language, as well as translations in English and in German. The Greek texts in the Chicago Homer are derived from the electronic texts used in the Perseus Project. The database supports scholarly searches of the text archive of the almost the entire extant corpus of Early Greek epic. There are excellent pages of supporting information to help the new user manipulate the database and understand the source material. The Chicago Homer is also associated with other scholarly projects online. Each line, for example, links to early papyri, manuscripts or printed texts and other research work in the field. All the functionalities of the Chicago Homer work with modern Web browsers. The transliterated Greek can be displayed on any browser, but the display of Greek characters requires a browser with a Unicode (UTF-8) font that includes the extended Greek character set. (Updates unknown)